January/February 2017 – New Mexico Edition

JanFeb17 Cover, Gutterson - Truly Alive Magazine

Connie Guttersen, RD, PhD offers tips for a healthy breakfast and more

Today’s Sharing

Neale Donald Walsch in black shirt - Truly Alive Magazinefrom Neale Donald Walsch

Explore Nature. Go for a walk in nature. Collect leaves and flowers from your walk. Look at pictures of things, from nature, which move you. Spend time tumbling and playing with a pet. Listen to music with nature sounds. Help your child understand that since ALL comes from God and ALL is God, interacting with nature is a way of communicating with and hearing God.

Another way God talks to us is through words spoken by persons sent to us as “messengers” from God. These could be friends, relatives, total strangers with whom we have a chance encounter on the street, at an airport, or in a train station, clergy or counselors with whom we consult, workshop presenters—or even authors whose works we read.

from Conversations with God for Parents: Sharing the Messages with Children

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