March/April 2017 – New Mexico Edition

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from Deepak Chopra


Hi, I want to thank you for all you do. My question is as follows: I am 38 years old a year ago ended an abusive marriage of 17 years. I was emotionally, verbally and sexually abused. I stayed in that very uncomfortable and unhappy relationship because my ex-husband had a mental illness. While I was in the relationship I took it as God’s will, and did not feel so much anger. Now that I am out of the situation and happily remarried, every time I have to deal with my ex-husband (we have shared custody of one child) I am filled with fury, so much so that I can’t even function. I am disappointed in myself because I thought my faith was strong enough to see that all is from God, and now I find out that I cannot practice this belief. How can I cleanse my soul from this hatred and be able to accept all, good and bad, is from God?


The abuse you have experienced is still not healed. It is important that you find support and counseling to deal with this independent of your child custody issue. Trying to interact with your ex-husband about your child through the cloud of your unresolved anger is bound to lead to an excessive reaction.

In addition to counseling, see if there is some physical activity or exercise you could do, that could serve as an outlet for some of that backlogged anger.

Also, you need to actively work on forgiving everyone involved in that unhappy relationship, especially yourself. Try to look at it from a different perspective in which it is all okay, because it led you to the better place where you are now. Everyone played their respective roles in the drama at that time, and now you are free from that and can let the past be what it was without judgment and embrace your present moment in freedom and joy.



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