March/April 2017 – New Mexico Edition

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from Christiane Northrup, M.D.

10 Non-Toxic Cleaning Products For Spring Cleaning

Experts say that the average home has roughly 62 toxic chemicals lurking about. That’s significant! Government regulations regarding labeling of toxic chemicals in cleaning products are pretty lax. Rather than a list of ingredients, what you see instead are those little pictures, like a flame, or skull and cross bones, or even dynamite.

But, what those pictures don’t show you is how all those chemicals can affect even a healthy person over time. For example, many cleaning products use volatile organic compounds to enhance their performance (in other words, you don’t need to use too much elbow grease with these.) Over time, these compounds can impair neurological functions, cause respiratory irritation, and can even cause cancer or reproductive issues depending on the level of exposure.

Now, if you use one of these chemical-containing cleaning products occasionally with proper ventilation, it is most likely not going to harm you or the environment irreparably. The issue is when you use more than one cleaning product that contains harmful chemicals every time you clean. Just think of your bathroom for a moment. You probably have one product to clean mildew from your tub and tile, another for your toilet bowl, one for your mirror, and yet another to clean the surfaces. That can add up to a lot of harmful chemicals.

I know that greening your home can be a challenge. One of the easiest ways to begin making your home a healthy sanctuary is by removing the chemical-laden cleaning products you use and replacing them with greener options. You can do this as you run out of your current products and replace them one by one.

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