September/October 2017 – New Mexico Edition

Colette Baron-Reid on Dr. Phil:

Today’s Sharing

from Neale Donald Walsch


Recently I asked 21 questions to which I invited answers from visitors here. I also promised to offer my own answers. Here is my second installment in the keeping of that promise.

Questions: Do our thoughts have anything to do with creating or producing our reality? Is there such a thing as collective consciousness? Is there such a thing as “consciousness” at all — collective or individual?

NDW Answer: Yes, yes, and yes.

I should really just stop there, but I feel such simple replies deserve a bit of explanation. So here goes…

I experience thoughts as energy. To be specific, I understand them to be energy transmissions. Energy projections. Energy transferrals. Energy exchanges.

It is my awareness that all of Life is energy. Nothing more, and nothing less. It is my further awareness that energy is not only the fundamental element of Life, but that it impacts upon itself. Energy affects energy through the processes of Energy Itself.

I see Life’s every expression as merely an exchange, or a transfer, of energy between the countless particles of energy that exist, each of which emit energy in the form of vibrations or oscillations that send out “waves,” not unlike a pond sends out ripples when its surface is shaken.

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