September/October 2017 – New Mexico Edition

Colette Baron-Reid on Dr. Phil:

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from Neale Donald Walsch

(Book Excerpt #105…Note: this is a passage from the latest book from Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species. The book contains a striking invitation to each person who becomes aware of its messages. The text takes the form of a Q&A session between Neale and God. Excerpts are posted here every other day. Each excerpt picks up where the last entry left off. For purposes of continuity, you may wish to follow the excerpts closely. Those wishing to obtain a personal copy may do so at most online book outlets.)

Q: I would very much like to understand all of this even better. You may think that I have an unquenchable thirst for details, but I find it hard to accept what I can’t hold in my mind as comprehensively as possible.

A: Please don’t worry. I have invited you before, in previous conversations, to set aside any feelings that you should explain yourself, or apologize.

Q: Yes, you have, thank you.

A: Just be sure, because of the fascination of it, not to make this continuing dialogue so much about the technical details of Highly Evolved Beings that you lose site of the most important aspect of all that you’re being invited to live and to share—which is how all of you can elevate your experience on Earth to that of an awakened species called Humanity.

You will want to make sure that we talk about how you can fully integrate wonderfully elevated ideas into your daily life, changing your own behaviors in the process.

And we want to talk more about love. True love. Real love. The foundational energy of the universe. And how you can experience and express that in its purest form.

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