A Heartwarming Interview with Colette Baron-Reid about her new book –

Uncharted: The Journey through Uncertainty to Infinite Possibility

by Karen Larré

Colette Baron-Reid, known by her fans as The Oracle, is an internationally-acclaimed intuitive counselor, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and host of the TV show Messages From Spirit as well as The Adventures of the Motorcycle Medium.

She’s also a bestselling author whose work has been translated into 27 languages, a keynote speaker, recording artist, entrepreneur, and was voted one of the Top 100 Most Spiritually Influential People in 2013. She has appeared on talk shows like Dr. Phil, Oprah & Friends and The Today Show, in national magazines like Elle and W, and on-air as the host of the wildly popular call-in radio show Ask The Oracle on Hay House Radio.

Colette is known for her uncanny, laser-sharp intuitive insights—the late Dr. Wayne Dyer called her “100% credible”—and she has brought audiences in sold-out auditoriums across 29 countries to laughter and tears. With her warm, infectious personality, Colette’s writings deliver messages of comfort, hope, and empowerment: “You are here for a reason. You are loved. When you need to be heard, Spirit will always be listening.”

In addition to hosting her TV program, speaking and conducting workshops around the world, Colette is also the CEO of the Oracle School, a training program for those ready to learn how to use ORACLE CARDS to dialogue directly with spirit while awakening the magic that is already within. Oracleschool.colettebaronreid.com

She spends her time living between Canada and the US with her husband, Marc, and three Pomeranians. When she’s not writing books, delighting audiences, or working with clients, she’s usually riding her Harley. (Yes, you read that right.)



Truly Alive: How is it that our old stories define us?

Colette Baron-Reid: Because we have been created that way. There is the personal mind, soul mind, and collective mind. We are memory-based creatures. Part of this is subconscious. This part of us takes on the things we need to know so that when encountered, it’s familiar and triggers a response to that stimuli. We absorb info thru osmosis, our parents, society and we even tune into ancestral memories in the womb. Everything is memory-based. What is familiar gives us a sense of safety and security. It is not that we let it define us…rather, it is how we are created. Our goal is to break free of that conditioning so that we can learn the miracle of co-creation. This means we have to create a new self. Because if we do what we did before, we are going to get what we got before. If we think what we thought, we are going to have an emotion that is going to create a behavior that will consistently create a resonance with the outer world that is a reflection of the inner world. We will see (reflected externally) what we feel and think internally. The key is in making a commitment to seeing what’s going on in the subconscious mind. Then, the unconscious which connects with the Greater mind can short circuit the conditioning of the subconscious. This enables us to have access to the uncharted, the unfamiliar, which is where all of the miracles lie. They don’t lie in what we already know.

Colette Baron-Reid with her dogs

TA: Besides forgiving others, what is the benefit of forgiving ourselves?

CBR: I love the way the question is phrased, “besides forgiving others”. Both are the same. Resentment is a projection of wrong. We identify with that feeling. We feel we are the victim. In the feeling of victimization, we have that experience. But if we continue to resent that person, it is like drinking poison. Additionally, if we don’t forgive ourselves, we are taking ourselves hostage, dooming ourselves play the same story again and again. Many of us are addicted to self-hatred. Our entire culture tells us there are all of these ‘isms’. I call this ‘inner shit maintained’. The message is; we are not worthy, we are not perfect. Monotheism tells us we are born in sin. It seems we are always having to apologize for existing and that maybe one day we will do better. I like Mathew Fox’s idea of original blessing. The definition of sin in Aramaic is ‘missing the mark’. The mistake, or missing the mark, is believing that we are separate from each other. Self-forgiveness is not in condoning our mistakes but rather, first acknowledging and then learning from them. It is not about getting away with whatever we want or having some priest absolve us. It is about ownership, accountability, and then saying, “I can do this differently”. In this way, we forgive ourselves, change the way we do things and release ourselves from the prison of our own making.

TA: Why do you describe yourself as a spiritual cartographer?

CBR: Years ago, I had a chip on my shoulder. Back then, I didn’t want to make a living at what I am doing now because I was raised in an academic family and didn’t want to be a Madam Zorah-type with a crystal ball. I wanted to be hipper and cooler than everybody else. I wanted to be a singer/songwriter. It was not cool to be a psychic. That is what I thought at the time. I am very different today. Because of my gift of sight and foresight, I believed that what I was seeing was a map of potentiality that would unfurl in my vision when I connected with another. A cartographer is one who draws maps of land. I believed that I was being a spiritual cartographer. The problem was, nobody knew what that term meant. Instead, I chose the term intuitive counselor because of the pejorative connotation (expression of contempt or disapproval) of psychic at the time.

TA: What is spiritual amnesia and spiritual narcolepsy?

CBR: It is when we forget who we are and that we are connected to all life; when we see ourselves as separate. We actually forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We believe we have to compete for limited resources. The ego part becomes the leading self in all of our actions and behavior. Spiritual narcolepsy is when we are ‘doing with spirit’, in the middle of manifesting everything in divine order, and forget who we are and that miracles are happening. We fall asleep at the wheel. We abdicate responsibility in that moment because our past self takes over. You can think of them as temporary bouts of insanity that we all seem to have.

TA: Why do you refer to intuition as our “first” sense?

CBR: First and foremost, we are souls. I believe we are amorphous, bodiless souls individuated from Source. The hidden realms are our natural place. We only perceive 4% of the world around us. 96% remains hidden from the perception of our five senses. As soul, we can wander effortlessly thru these realms. Soul’s sense is intuition. Intuition connects us with that which is greater. That is our true, first sense. Dismiss the false notion that it is something spooky. No! It is natural! It enables us to tune into a consciousness that is not dictated by our physical reality. Healthy intuition used with intellect can be very empowering! We are taught that the physical reality is our primary world. But that is not true. Everything originates on the energetic realm and then manifests in the physical. Our thoughts and feelings are causal and do impact the world we perceive.

TA: How do you practice “gratitude” and how has it helped your life?

CBR: I do a gratitude exercise every morning with my husband. We put our hands over our hearts and other areas with gratitude. That releases various pleasure hormones. It’s great for depression! Agendas and wants are absent when you are grateful. Humility and a sense of abundance are present. You don’t see yourself as separate. Saying thank you is the abracadabra for everything. I suffered molestation as a child and later a gang rape, drug and alcohol addiction and other opportunities to suffer. I have been clean and sober for 31 years. I have had a second chance for life. I do not take this for granted. I am grateful that I didn’t die, end up in the gutter, and continue to have a chance to live. In part, this is why my commitment to service is so important to me. I know what it is like to almost die or be taken hostage my own mind and see myself as a victim. I don’t see myself that way. I am committed to service because I have tasted liberation and I want to help others have that too.

TA: Why do you say, “pain is never wasted”?

CBR: Let’s differentiate pain from self-pity. Pain is an opportunity to learn compassion, especially if you have been victimized by another. It is a valuable opportunity to feel self-love, support, value and feel closer to God. By God, I don’t mean the man with the white beard in the sky. I mean Source. Pain enables us to hold gratitude by realizing, “I don’t want to experience that all the time. Thank God I don’t”!

TA: In the book, you talk about how fear keeps us from being present. Can you share about that? And what dissolves fear?

CBR: Fear is False Evidence Appearing as Real (FEAR). It prevents us from making good choices because it creates a flight/fight reaction in our body, a reactive state. That puts us in the primitive mind. In that state of mind, we cannot make choices. This is how our society is structured. Fear prevents us from being present in the moment because we are hyper vigilant, on patrol looking for threats. The antidote for fear is a willingness to look at it, deep breathing, and accessing our faith. There are many antidotes. People pleasing, being afraid to tell others what you need and want is an expression of fear. We are so often not present in the moment, being ourselves. Here’s an example. My mother was a holocaust survivor, terrified for her life and of being found out. She and my father concocted a smoke screen of lies. My sister and I got into a private school based on a fake title that my father bore. When I say that my mother was terrified that everything would be taken away, this is extremely accurate. She believed that there would never be enough. In the eighties, my father lost a fortune in a real estate deal. They both died paupers. Everything she feared came about.

Colette Baron-Reid speaks about overcoming negative self-talk

For myself, I often had the feeling something bad would happen to me. It had to do with past life memories of being burned at the stake for being a healer. A lot of us have those kinds of memories. I was on a popular national TV show twice. From that, I got bullied on the internet. A whole church wrote me a letter claiming that meditation was satanic, that I was channeling satan, and they found out where I lived. It was awful! I decided to quit and create a mainstream coaching school. I got a big offer from Random House to write a book about empathy, overload and weight gain. It seemed like a perfect segue from woo woo to mainstream. I trademarked an incredibly effective energy psychology process and had a lot of students. I took out all of the woo woo and marketed this to corporations. I made a lot of money.

After paying a fortune to someone to rebrand my business, I had a motorcycle accident. I laid in bed for 3 months and realized I made a big mistake. That awareness sunk in all the way after attending a mediumship event when I realized, “who am I kidding”? I begged Hay House to take me back. I am an Oracle. I tripled my commitment to being in service. I am here to liberate myself and help others do the same. Bullying on the internet no longer had any affect. Now, I assert, ‘I am me! This is who I am!’ There is no safety in denying who you really are.

TA: What is the value of a fearless moral inventory?

CBR: Humans are like dust collectors. Periodically, we need to clean it off. It is seeing ourselves with clarity, a way to get out of denial. Everything we do in the world (that is flawed) stems from self-centered fear. I learned this in a 12 Step Program and feel it is the most important thing I have ever learned. I learned to be accountable and responsible. If I screw up, I am obliged to fix it. This helps to lessen the power of the small self. We can then see ourselves as works in progress and with a beginner’s mind.

TA: What are the 5 realms you talk about in the book and how can we best use them?

CBR: I tuned into a chorus of voices named Fred. It is the best part of my book. I am not a channeler. It is not my thing. However, this showed me that I tuned into something. I did my best to describe what they showed me about how we co-create reality and how we currently do it ass-backwards. We start with form, reflect on our feelings and then start thinking about the thing. And somehow, spirit is over on the side. The truth is, spirit is our primary reality. Spirit is the starting point. For anyone wanting an effective, different way of learning how to manifest your realities, this book tells us how to do that; how to go from your limited self into infinite potential.

One of many free meditations led by Colette Baron-Reid


TA: You offer some great exercises in the book. Which is your favorite?

CBR: Get on Your Bird. The envisioning process is a way for the imagination to play. All of my stuff is about being playful. Spirit does not want us to plod around being spiritually serious. We want to always be playful and curious; in beginner’s mind. This enables us to use certain props like dragons and birds, things that fly, which allow us to see ourselves with a greater sense of detachment.

TA: In the book, you say, “the light and the shadow cannot be separated.” Can you explain?

CBR: Some people try to separate from parts of themselves. For example, separating the good from the bad. I say you can’t. If you are going to be a fully integrated person this is true. The difficulty and tension of opposites is what we all need to learn to hold.

TA: What is “stewarding energy?”

CBR: Stewarding is being present and aware on a daily basis, of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and monitoring your reactive self so that you don’t go way off track by not staying in alignment with your intentions. Stewarding energy is work! But don’t hold the world too tightly around your garments. Allow yourself to enter the world with a sense of curiosity. Stewarding energy is also holding the world with a curious eye and allowing yourself to be receptive without being overly attached to anything.

TA: Is there anything else you would like my readers to know about?

CBR: Oracle Cards are a method for tuning into the Divine or your own inner dialogue. I encourage people to use Oracle Cards not to predict something but rather, create something. And if you would like to learn how to read them, take my course! Oracleschool.colettebaronreid.com

Visit Collette’s website: http://colettebaronreid.com, including her events page for upcoming events in New York, Massachusetts and Los Angeles: http://colettebaronreid.com/events-2/. Join her online community and receive a wonderful meditation (home page) and check out her store page for other books, CDs, oracle cards and other products. Colette also offers a 4-lesson Video Course on Hay House, Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind.

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