A Powerful Interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Birth 2012 and Beyond-Truly Alive Magazine

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Birth 2012-Truly Alive Magazine


Plus: An overview of her newest book Birth 2012 and Beyond: Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution

By Karen Larré, Wendy Foxworth and Robin Gardner


A prolific author, visionary, social innovator, evolutionary thinker and educator, Barbara Marx Hubbard is considered the mother of conscious evolution and has been recognized as “the voice for conscious evolution of our time” by Deepak Chopra. She is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch’s new book The Mother of Invention. Barbara has authored seven acclaimed books on the new worldview of conscious evolution including The Hunger of Eve, The Revelation, Conscious Evolution, Emergence and the 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution. Barbara is cofounder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution and has cofounded many progressive organizations including the Association for Global New Thought and the World Future Society. In 1984, her name was placed in nomination for the vice presidency on the Democratic ticket with the campaign theme, “To Fulfill the Dream, a Campaign for a Positive Future.” Barbara Marx Hubbard was one of the first women ever nominated for the vice presidency of the United States. Since 2010, she has partnered with The Shift Network and has served as a global ambassador for the conscious evolution movement, which she defines as “a shift from evolution by chance to evolution by choice.”

TA: What is the difference between conscious and unconscious evolution?

BMH: Evolution itself has been intelligent for billions of years, but the entities involved in evolution have not been conscious of evolution. We are the first generation to be conscious that we are affecting evolution with everything we do; the food we eat, the cars we drive, the babies we have. If we continue growing this way, within the womb of our finite earth system, we could destroy ourselves. So conscious evolution starts out with a signal that we are able to destroy ourselves. The other side of conscious evolution is the awareness that we can now evolve ourselves consciously. In the simplest terms, it becomes evolution by choice; not by chance.

TA: The book beautifully describes the shift – how we (all of humanity) are in the process of moving to a new level of consciousness. If I were attuned to being aware of how this new consciousness was unfolding/being revealed in my life, what kinds of things would I be thinking, saying or doing?

BMH: You would feel an awakening from within; a yearning to participate more fully in expressing your creativity and potential for the sake of yourself and the world. You would begin to feel what I call “the impulse of evolution” activating you; in whatever stage you’re in; whatever your age; you would feel a new intensity. You would be thinking about what to do and deepening your spiritual path. You would be in touch with spirit within and doing spiritual practices such as HearthMath’s deepening of your love. You would be called to do the Emergence Process, of shifting from ego to essence. You would begin to feel your essence as your identity; no longer projecting that higher self outside of you; but feeling your higher self within. You would be beginning to see, “I am my higher self. I am that expression.” Then you’d be wanting to find others to share this with.

TA: As with your other books, interviews and your platform in running for the 1984 vice presidency, you focus on what’s working well in the world versus what’s wrong. Why is focusing on what works so important to us in making the planetary shift to higher level consciousness?

BMH: It’s like your health; if you only focus on pain and things that are wrong with you, you are not going to be very well or experience improvement in your health. When you focus on what’s creative, what’s loving and emerging…then you begin to accentuate and accelerate those positive aspects and opportunities. Whatever you put your attention on; you get more of in your life. We have a media nervous system that is far more sensitive to what is breaking down than what is breaking through.  I call this the ‘infantile nervous system of the mass media.’ It is insensitive to empathy. It’s insensitive to emergence and what’s growing. It’s insensitive to the new news. So, it’s very important that we start to notice in our own lives and in our communities; what’s already emerging that’s creative, loving and working well!

TA: Why is it vital that we shift from ego to essence? Please tell our readers a bit about this.

BMH: Ego is a word used in many ways. I am defining it here as the part of ourselves that feels separate. I also call it our “local self.” It can feel compulsive, anxious, competitive, and like a failure. All of the concerns that we feel emotionally reside in one aspect of our personality or local self. The essential self is your own true nature; your spiritual essence. When you are your essential self, you feel whole and at peace. You are at one with everything. You feel good; you feel love. I realized in my life that I could put my attention on my ego or my essence. When I put my focus on my essence, it began to come in the whole way. And then the ego, or “local self” fell in love with its own essence. I began to shift identity and I could say “I am my own essence, and not my ego.” As you begin to identify with your own essence, and you share that with 2 or more (as in an evolutionary shift circle – more details later in this article), the resonance, resounding back & forth – essence with essence – very quickly starts to form a field of awareness that stabilizes in you. I say to most people; don’t try to do this all alone. When you apply the “where two or more are gathered” to planetary events, the connection and coherence created and the truth that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is magnificently powerful.

TA: What is the sacred story of Creation?

BMH: It is the story of the universe; starting from the infinite, silent mind of God and its cosmic intelligence. It is the rising up of energy and matter, into billions and billions of galaxies and the formation of trillions of planetary systems including our planet earth. It is the animal life and human life on earth…and now our awareness of our own evolution and our affect on it. No matter what your opinion of it is, it’s a complete mystery story. If you are a creationist and think God did it all…that’s totally mysterious. If you are a materialistic scientist and think it was all by accident, it’s even more mysterious. I personally think that Universal Intelligence is coming up through everything and that we are becoming conscious of it now.

TA: What is “vocational arousal”?

BMH: Vocational arousal is the next step after sexual arousal. It’s a signal from nature. Your vocation is that inner creativity, calling, or life purpose; it’s what you feel born to do. Vocational arousal is the calling of your life’s purpose. When there’s shared vocational arousal (2 or more needing each other’s callings or capabilities), what begins to happen is what I call ‘joining genius’. In sexual arousal, you join genes and create this amazing new being. When we join genius, one person reaches out to connect and the other responds.

TA: In the book, you coined the term “Supra Sex”. Please explain.

BMH: When I talk about Supra Sexual co-creation, I see that vocational arousal will become the larger part of your life. Having and raising children takes a huge amount of energy in the context of getting a job or earning a living. If you find others to co-create with, to join your genius with, I am suggesting that this is our next stage of sexuality. We know that nature put the sexual drive in us to reproduce the species; and there’s a population limit in order to sustain the earth. That same drive to reproduce is becoming the drive to self express and self evolve through joining genius; through Supra Sex.

Another word for this is co-creation. I think we are shifting from maximum procreation to co-creation. We’re living longer lives and I feel we will have fewer children one way or the other (hopefully chosen children). I see a shift from large families and dying young to fewer children and living longer lives.

Previously women after menopause thought they were aging and dying. Actually, now we are just about to give birth to the authentic feminine self. It’s a whole new thing!

TA: You talk about being aligned with the evolutionary impulse of creation – how does one get in touch with that impulse and why is it important?

BMH: The impulse really is to fully be our highest potential selves; to give birth to the expressions that we feel are intrinsically ours. It is when we feel connected to others who need what we have to give. That impulse is now activated in millions of us to do more, be more and connect with each other. The evolutionary shift toward a planetary community is a movement of people who are excited about expressing more of who they are – connected!

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Birth 2012 wheel image-Truly Alive Magazine

TA: Can you share about your concept of “social synergy” (converging positive innovations that can transform all sectors of society)?

BMH: Synergy can be seen easily in nature. As single cells form into multi-cellular animals, they become more complex. This goes up the chain of complexity until you get to humans; who have the most complex brains and body systems on earth. When you look at planet earth itself as a whole; it’s ‘complexifying’; it’s connecting ever faster. Another example of synergy is when one person has an innovation and another has a goal. One person has a resource that matches another’s need. Co-creation occurs naturally. Social synergy would be the supporting, encouraging and connecting common goals; matching our needs with other people’s resources. Instead of a massive, competitive world, we would have a massive cooperative, co-creative world. It would create a massive rearrangement in every current system; and our political system would probably be the most dramatic. Imagine a world where we all work co-create together, for the good of all. It’s possible and we have the most powerful opportunity to do this now…more than ever before in recorded earth history!

TA: What is global coherence, and how do we begin to cultivate it?

BMH: Global coherence is when we have a critical mass of people connected to the heart. We’ve had a few moments of it. With 911, we had a moment of global coherence in the form of shared pain. With the lunar landing, there was a moment of global coherence that was quite wonderful. When practically everyone on earth was paying attention to the suffering of the Japanese people, there was global coherence. It is possible to have global coherence now…with enough people coming together, feeling unified, feeling at one with each other and the planet, in resonance with a higher frequency. It’s now possible that this could shift the whole system.

TA: The book describes the process we (and the earth) are undergoing as a birthing. What can we (as individuals) do to help “gentle the birth”?

BMH: It starts really with your own inner being and feeling at one with the source of your own essence, essential being, God, spirit; and then incarnating that spirit as your own essence and feeling love for others. Using one HeartMath™ technique, you put your hand on your heart; breathe through your heart and think of what you appreciate. I would add that you realize you are part of the evolutionary process and your creativity is part of your breath. I breathe into my life purpose and the impulse of evolution. As I am breathing into my purpose, I get guidance as to how to do it.

TA: In the book, you site numerous examples of how Teilhard de Chardin’s work has influenced you. Can you speak to how it “enlarged your evolutionary soul?” Is there anything else you would like to share about his work?

BMH: Teilhard de Chardin was a great Catholic Jesuit paleontologist (never published by the church). In the simplest terms, he discovered the design and pattern of God in evolution. He was able to identify the impulse of a higher consciousness…to greater freedom; to more complex order as an innate pattern of evolution that is Divine. He saw that planet earth itself was becoming one whole living system. He didn’t live to see the internet. His vision of the planet connecting through its thinking and empathetic heart level (like were doing right now on this phone, and internet, on Facebook and cell phones) was clear. It’s the nervous system linking all of us. He described a thinking/feeling layered system that would at some point connect heart with heart and center with center…that we would all feel connected. He and Buckminster Fuller have been my greatest teachers.

TA: Can you share something about the evolutionary leaders you chose as your key colleagues in your work around the planetary shift? (Jean Houston, Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith and others.)

BMH: I received deep guidance (in my work with the Shift Network – the publisher of this book and my online program) that if we want to make the next step, I should create a welcome committee; and that it would include people whose deep spiritual impulse is moving into the next stage of evolution. I chose 12 people and they all said yes. We are coming together in a variety of ways to host the birth of conscious evolution, just as one tiny microcosm of the larger planetary shift. We’re already shifting. You see, this is not about maybe we’ll do it sometime. We are it. The essays of the 12 members of the welcoming committee in Birth 2012, including those of Michael Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, etc., are exceptionally poignant and powerful.

TA: Barbara, you have always been so far ahead of your time in seeing, feeling and understanding the evolutionary process of humanity on earth. How does it feel to know that many are finally realizing the truths you have been sharing and taking action to participate in positive ways?

BMH: It’s really stunning and my message to all visionaries is “don’t die!” I think it’s natural when you have some great life impulse to express, that you feel it’s what you are born to do. If you say yes to it, that’s the big ‘yes’ and you start taking steps in that direction. The more you do it, the more it activates you. The more it activates you, the better you do it. It’s self-rewarding type of action. If you keep doing it and it’s truly life-oriented, it’s going to happen in the larger world. I am 82 years old. My vision came in 1966. That’s why I say, ‘don’t die,’ because it could take a long while!

TA: Please tell our readers about the Evolutionary Circles that you are creating, and how someone can become involved, including our local area.

BMH: Evolutionary circles provide a way to deepen your own consciousness and connect with others who are seeking to do the same. There are wonderful opportunities for readers to get involved with circles and even to start new circles. The Center for Conscious Living in Albuquerque is launching Evolutionary Circle groups starting in July. Read more on page 36 to learn about what’s happening in the Albuquerque area. At www.Birth2012.com, readers will find information on the Vistar Method of creating circles and can also sign up for my Agents of Conscious Evolution Training, learn the whole story and their parts in it. Click on “ACE” (Agents of Conscious Evolution). We are now connecting with thousands of people. People who complete the training become part of a community of pioneering souls. It is really a great joy.

TA: I understand that you will be in Albuquerque for an event in September. Can you tell us about that?

BMH: Albuquerque is a wonderful center of consciousness. I look forward to being in your community and am hoping that many people there will want to take an active part in the planetary birth. I will be speaking at the Wisdom of the Origins Conference, September 16th from 5:30-6:30pm. The conference is September 13 – 17th at the Marriott Pyramid Hotel in Albuquerque. (More info on page 27.)

TA: Is there anything else you would like my readers to know about?

BMH: I am teaching two courses on the Shift Network (www.theshiftnetwork.com). Agents of Conscious Evolution is bringing thousands of participants together to form a first “evolutionary corps” as a global team for the planetary shift. The other, with Patricia Ellsberg, is entitled Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence (based on my newest book, Emergence). Along with Birth 2012, Emergence represents my best work to date. I am also currently co-producing a global multi-media event entitled Birth 2012: Co-Creating a Planetary Shift in Time with Stephen Dinan, CEO of the Shift Network. This aims to unify 100 million people worldwide in heart coherence and social synergy to celebrate what is working and creative in the world, to birth a new “evolved” era and a more “universal humanity.” Visit: www.birth2012.com for more information about this spectacular event.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Birth 2012 feature pic-Truly Alive MagazineA Special Message to Truly Alive Readers: As we move towards 2012, many people are experiencing heightened uncertainty and fear that is exacerbated by the media frenzy of doom and gloom scenarios. An escalation of natural disasters, economic instability, global warming, threats of war, and other factors are part of our current reality. While many indigenous prophecies (most prominently the Maya) do concur that a time for a planetary shift is upon us, in her new book Birth 2012 and Beyond, Hubbard has put forth a more hopeful vision…which is to declare this “end” date a symbolic marker for what is passing away, as well as what is actually being born within us that is new, good, creative and loving. December 22, 2012 has been selected as “day one” of the next era of life on this planet, shifting toward sustainability, peace building and innovative solutions in every field and function.

According to Hubbard, “This great time is an unprecedented opportunity to collectively make a planetary shift, stepping forward giving our greatest gifts to the emergence of a new co-creative human society. As do this, together we can ignite a new way of being.”


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