An Enlivening Interview with Joanna Garzilli about her new book BIG MIRACLES

By Karen Larre, Carla Garcia, and Dave Weaver

Joanna Garzilli is America’s Intuition CoachTM and author of Big Miracles: 11 Spiritual Rules For Ultimate Success. She is also co-founder of Hyper Chariot with her husband Nick, developing the ultimate transportation system of door-to-door space travel on earth. She has been featured in media nationally and internationally including: BBC News, BBC Radio, NPR, CNN Money, NBC, OK! TV, Kcal 9, CBS 2, LA Weekly, MTV, Huffington Post, Runway, and Elle.

Over the past 20 years, Joanna has done thousands of intuitive readings and spiritual coaching sessions for business leaders, entrepreneurs and celebrities including some notable names: Ellen Burstyn, Goldie Hawn, Monica Lewinsky, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Vanessa Marcil, Ernie Banks (Hall of Fame Baseball) and Robbie Rogers (U.S. Olympic Soccer Team).

Joanna teaches her clients to “Lead through service.” The core of her message is the importance of discovering who you are. “When you know your mission, you become unstoppable,” she says. Joanna was nominated as a finalist for the SBC Sustainable Small Business Award in 2015.


Joanna Garzilli with Mom in Scottsdale, AZ

Truly Alive: How does self-awareness help us to reach our ideal life?

Joanna Garzilli: Self-awareness is everything. Without it, we are missing guidance from Spirit—the signposts that show us we are on the right track. Awareness helps us attune to gratitude and notice the subtle signs. I often have signs in my dreams. When I was worried about something, my Grandfather showed up, reassuring me that he was helping me.

Our connection with Spirit is very subtle. I cultivate awareness of Spirit’s input by asking, “What am I not aware of? How can I become more aware? What is the next step?” These questions are helpful tools to reach deeper insights. I used to think I only needed an answer. However, a process was what I really needed. When I asked, “Why am I feeling stuck?” I wasn’t actually asking. I was expressing anger, protest, or unwillingness to do the work.

In the personal development community, I perceive some people saying, “I want to dive in,” but their actions indicate they don’t mean it. If you are sincere, you’ll ask honest questions. If you are not sincere, you will divert from honest questions. This is a protective mechanism from facing the underlying pain. But this is where we need to dive in if we are to get to where we want—greater self-awareness. Easy and quick does not work.

When we connect with angels or some form of higher consciousness, we have to get very self-honest. It takes effort to find out what works and what is accurate.

TA: How does faith work with our instincts? And how are faith and intuition connected?

JG: If we don’t have faith, we are in fear. When in fear, we are not connected with mind, body and spirit. Without this connection, we cannot tune into intuition. I first focus on centering. It is as simple as bringing your awareness to your heart: breathe! Some contend that they already do that. But I found there were times when I got too attached to my identity or job, too focused on the ego. I was disconnected…something more was needed. There are times when one may need to experience a reset.

TA: What is the best way to release resentment?

JG: Take a deeper look at yourself, habits, behaviors and patterns. Habits or patterns that don’t serve us are what can create resentment. Let’s look into our past and not wallow. Simply identify what has taken place in the last week, month or 10 years.

Recently, I did a mindset clearing and took notes on my thoughts. Seeing them on the page helped to clarify and increase my self-awareness. Looking back at notes of the last 3 years, I recognized what had been invisible—waves of resentment. Someone I held resentment toward popped into my mind and I visited their Facebook page searching for a solution. My intuition told me to let go of the friend and I did. Underlying resentment is usually the feeling that we have been misunderstood. Then we need to look at where we didn’t honor ourselves, make the choice to now take care of ourselves or set boundaries with others. Acknowledging that perhaps you didn’t support yourself, or didn’t know how to communicate with that person can be very helpful. Forgiving ourselves is also crucial. Also, forgiveness may need more than just one mind dump. It may require repeating the process several times. This goes back to being willing to do the work.

Garzilli family with llama

TA: How can we overcome the fear of failure?

JG: Take action on a consistent basis doing the thing that scares you. But what if I make a mistake?— That is called growth. Showing up, when not knowing what to do leads to growth. The great mystery is recognizing that Life Force and realizing that it is bigger than us. When we try things for the first time, this is when we are truly alive. I think back to the time when I took a choreographed dance class, I was terrified. I was scared of failing. But it triggered getting in touch with feelings that I was unaware of; they felt like they were packed into a tiny box. Feelings like shame for not being enough. Being triggered allowed me to explore these parts of my mind (not parts of my spirit). These were fears that I learned from authority figures while growing up. They have no relevance to my life today, other than being present.

TA: You suggest we “clear our energy daily”. Please explain to our readers how best to accomplish this.

JG: We pick up energies daily. One of the simplest ways to clear ourselves is through meditation. Get centered, connect by closing your eyes, put your hand over your heart, feel your environment. Be aware of what put you in that place. When you feel at peace, explore the thoughts, feelings and actions that led you to this place in your life. Say, “I accept responsibility for being where I am”, then connect to Spirit and let it flow through you. I like to visualize a waterfall of golden light that washes over my body, connecting me with angels and spirit guides. If I experience energy that doesn’t feel good, to thoughts like shame or pain, I imagine standing upnder a shower of gold light that washes it all away. Another way I use to clear stagnant energy is to go for a run and feel that energy detaching from me. When I am doing a warm up or recovery stretch, I sweep my hands over my head to release stuck energy. You can also do this standing in a park. Walking in a quiet area in the desert is also powerful. I once camped in Chaco Canyon under the stars. For me, that created an immediate spiritual awakening that cleared massive amounts of negative energy.

TA: What is the difference between passively letting go and actively letting go?

JG: An example of passively letting go would be to assess your situation and acknowledge what you may or may not want, but not acting on that desire. Just being aware is enough. You are aware on the mental level of what needs to change. In contrast, actively letting go is assessment combined with choosing to take action. An example would be mentally letting go of being too inactive, then choosing to be more active by doing a 20 minutes daily walk.

TA: What three characteristics help us to break through resistance?

JG: Resistance is like having your feet stuck in cement. You have to keep moving. You have to keep showing up and showing up. This is resilience. You need resilience when you move toward what you want. This is because for some, it draws opposition or resistance to you. Surrender is also very helpful. When in that state, resistance tends to dissolve. We have resistance and we have resilience; choose to say, “I am going to keep showing up”. Lastly, surrender—“I don’t know how it is going to happen, but I release whatever is necessary and let the way forward become apparent.” The awakening process is subtle, but it can guide us when the negative voice of resistance arises because we acknowledge it and let it go…surrender, and keep going forward. This is resilience.

TA: How are mistakes helpful to our growth?

JG: Mistakes are a great teacher. We can learn from our mistakes and we need to! We don’t arrive here knowing everything. Mistakes are an essential part of life, like breathing. The greatest mistake is to ignore or deny our mistakes rather than simply acknowledge them and take corrective action. Acknowledging or confronting them is all-important. Next step is any adjustment, atonement or corrective action and then move on. Don’t hang on to guilt or fear and become paralyzed. Holding on prevents you from truly living, being yourself.

TA: What is the primary objective of the un-evolved ego and why is it important to release it?

JG: The unevolved ego is a great indicator of where we are in our evolution. It is also what keeps us from creating those great miracles or breakthrough events. Many of us don’t recognize where we are unevolved. Clear indicators include if you think you are superior to another, you want them to suffer in some way, or prove someone wrong. It is not our place to do that. We can leave those inclinations alone and focus on how we can make improvements. We can take actions directed by the healthy part of the ego such as set boundaries or confront another appropriately. Don’t be attached to the outcome of a person responding in a certain way. Again, this allows for the subtle guidance to inform us of what appropriate action to take.

TA: What is the major obstacle to belief in ourselves?

JG: Shame. When it builds up, it turns into blame or pain. When the pain becomes too much, it turns into denial. Shame may occur when someone doesn’t include you or their attention drifts when you are talking to them. Don’t personalize this. Recognize that they are having their own experience in that moment. If you take things personally, you won’t be your natural self, the happy or beautiful person that you are, or recognize the life Spirit is calling you to live.

TA: Is there anything else you would like my readers to know about? (upcoming events, new book, etc.?)

JG: My passion is to champion with my husband Nick, the Solar Mobility Act so we can create the fastest and most sustainable travel network in the world. Through the commercialization of the patented Hyper Chariot ET3 technology, which is like a maglev limo traveling in a vacuum tube network (4,000 mph), we are going to be able to create long lasting global friendships. What has come out of my writing Big Miracles and being absolutely committed in following these rules that Spirit gave me, is I’ve been invited to a think tank with astronauts and governmental leaders where I’ll be speaking about healing the world spiritually and physically. If any of your readers want to get involved or help in some capacity, to help make the earth more sustainable, solar powered transport networks are the future!

Visit to learn more about Joanna and her work, upcoming Big Miracles Workshops and tours and more.


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