Bartering – Can It Benefit Your Business?

Shirley Schaan, Southwest Barter Club - Truly Alive MagazineBy Shirley Schaan, Owner & Founder of Southwest Barter Club

A new economy is emerging as business owners are starting to think outside of the box. Bartering has been a proven success since the beginning of time. In today’s touch economic times, Bartering is making a strong comeback, with a modern twist.

To Barter today, you no longer have to locate a business you want to Barter with, negotiate and hope they agree to an across the board transaction before you can enjoy the product or services you desire. With the Southwest Barter Club Store, Barter Bucks are used (our currency) and it’s incredibly easy and fast. When someone wants what your business has to offer, they pay you in Barter Bucks which are transferred from their SWBC account into your account and they receive your product or service just as if they had paid cash. You can then spend your Barter Bucks (just as you would with cash) for just about anything: advertising, house cleaning, dining out, alternative health care, parties, massages, car and home repair, lawn care, jewelry, pet care, land, luxury vacations – you name it! There are hundreds of local businesses and over 50,000 businesses you can purchase from around the world!

Consider the benefits of joining Southwest Barter Club. You can:

  • Increase your sales and your customer base
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Trade for products and services you normally pay cash for
  • Get new cash business as a result of referrals and word of mouth advertising
  • Advertise and promote your business
  • Gain a powerful advantage over your competition in the marketplace
  • Expand your marketing area
  • Increase your purchasing power
  • Enhance your lifestyle
  • Create a benefit and/or incentive program for your employees
  • Trade your slow moving or perishable inventories, under-performing or excess assets for goods and services you want and need

There is no accounts receivable to collect or bad debts to write off since you are paid at the time you provide the products or services. Bartering allows you to have extras and luxuries in your life; at a time when extras and luxuries are not in the realm of possibility for most people.

My vision for Southwest Barter Club is having a network of business owners, enjoying new-found ways toSouthwest Barter Club - Truly Alive Magazine enrich their lives by using the age old practice of bartering. Friendships are forged, luxuries are once again enjoyed, new ideas take form and hope is reintroduced to the marketplace. 

Shirley Schaan, Owner & Founder of Southwest Barter Club

Don’t wait; learn more today! Call Shirley at 505-715-2889, visit, or attend one of our upcoming events:

Barter In the Park
Sunday, June, 17, 1-5pm
Come and meet the movers and shakers of business in central New Mexico. These are trend setting businesses participating in the new paradigm of business; Bartering through the Southwest Barter Club. Diverse businesses will be represented in a wide variety of categories. Come and learn about them and take advantage of “Barter in the Park” special cash pricing while enjoying live entertainment, food and lots of fun!

Southwest Barter Club Members can purchase products and services from fellow Club Member Businesses for Barter Bucks. Non-Members will enjoy the special cash pricing. Interested in becoming a member? Call today!  Already a member? Receive 100 Barter Bucks for every new member you refer!
Barter In the Park Location: Haynes Park, 2006 Grande Blvd., Rio Rancho, NM 87124 (across from Intel)
Gathering of Healers
June 19th-24th, 9-5pm
FREE to the Public
Meet central New Mexico’s amazing Healers. Learn about what each does and how your life can be enhanced/elevated/transformed by working with them! Lovely, serene setting at Heavenly Lodge in Placitas. Check out the venue: Want to participate as a healer (or know someone who might)? Call Shirley at 505-715-2889, visit


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