Be The Second Coming, Guidebook To The Embodiment Of The Christ Within: A Personal Journey, Our Collective Destiny

Second Coming, Hope Mauran - Truly Alive MagazineBy Hope Ives Mauran

Do you ever wonder if there is a greater possibility inherent in your life, some extraordinary potential that Second Coming, Hope Mauran - Truly Alive Magazineyou sense, yet have no idea how to access? If so, you will want to read Be The Second Coming, Guidebook To The Embodiment Of The Christ Within: A Personal Journey, Our Collective Destiny. It’s a book that can change how you see yourself and the world around you, and in doing so, opens you to the presence of your higher greater being, the Christ Self that is hidden within you. By cultivating the divine being that exists within us, honoring this being in all others, and finding ways to allow it into our world, we transform our lives and the world we all share.

We are already divine beings. Our bodies have never been separated from the unity of all things, and we are a part of the great cosmic dance: the divine choreography. The higher greater being within us already exists, yet it must be our choice to embody it and set it free. Be The Second Coming offers a path to uncovering the Christ within. It explains that how we see the world (our consciousness) makes a new set of laws available to us; these higher laws are the laws that create miracles and allow for instantaneous manifestation. A return to heaven on earth is literally possible through divine sight or seeing ‘all as one’, which is how a Christ or ‘one who embodies God’ sees.

The author was given the assignment to write the book by her spirit guides. She tells of needing to feel worthy in her own mind to write such a thing. She shares her story of the realization that she already was this higher greater being and she had already created a miracle as a result of embodying her Christ Self; thus helping the reader to see Christ consciousness as a possibility for themselves, and bring a lofty idea down to earth. Conversations with Jesus give credence and a palpable energy to the book and the path it offers. Jesus converses directly with the author and answers her questions that the path to Christ Consciousness awakens in her. Be The Second Coming offers a bridge between science, spirituality and  our everyday life, setting a high bar for humanity, however not one that we can attain, one that we realize that we already are.

The place that these potentials for living life at a higher order lay is a place we rarely bother to look: within! Inside our bodies, minds, hearts, viewpoints and our beliefs, the doorway to a greater reality exists.  When we are focused outwardly we ‘acquire’ as our process of expansion. When we are focused inwardly the process of expansion requires shedding, letting go or surrender. Our Christ Self is within; so in order to access our greater potential, we must let go! An “unpacking list” in Be The Second Coming offers us some pointers that help us notice where we might have some things to let go of. It’s a bit like cleaning house, when our internal ‘clutter’ is cleaned up, we create awareness and spaciousness for our Christ Selves to dwell within us.

Jesus offers these words to help us access our own Christ Self: “Begin now by sitting still; hold your focus upon your breath. Notice all parts of your physical being that would steal your focus away. Pay them no mind and return to your breath. If you do this often enough you will find a greater peace comes over your being, which will facilitate your receptivity to communication with the divine being that is the greater aspect of yourself.” (pg. 89) When we become quiet inside, we can realize the presence of our divine self and hear its promptings and guidance. As this occurs, life changes in wondrous and miraculous ways. We become more peaceful, loving, and harmonious. A miraculous world is revealed as we realize ourselves as all that is, the magnificent creator being, the One. This is the second coming of Christ and your invitation to Be The Second Coming!

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