5 Secrets to Detoxing and Living Vibrantly!

 Swartswalter new pic 2 cropped-Truly Alive MagazineBy Louise Swartswalter, ND, CBS, CNHP

If you are feeling bloated and have low energy, get tired in the afternoon, are moody, depressed, unfocused or have irregular sleep, this is for you! FREE workshop: September 24, 10am in the Albuquerque Natural Health Center office. See Events page 4.

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5 Steps to Healthier, Fuller & Shapelier Breasts

Benson, Robyn - Santa Fe Soul - Truly Alive Magazineby Robyn Benson, D.O.M.

Breast cancer, lumps, breast pain and sagging breasts are all very common occurrences and concerns for women in today’s world and increasingly for men too! If you are experiencing one of these challenges, consider the following solutions in addition to a self-care … Continue reading

An Enlightening Interview with Christine Horner, M.D. about her new book Radiant Health, Ageless Beauty

Horner pic - Truly Alive Magazineby Karen Larre, Mary Anne Weaver and Carla Garcia

Christine Horner, MD is a nationally known surgeon, author, and natural health expert residing in San Diego, CA. She holds two board certifications: the National Board of Surgery and the National Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Horner was recognized as a leader in her … Continue reading

An Integrative Approach to Health Care

Dr Bill Wolfe DDS - Truly Alive Magazineby Bill Wolfe DDS

As healthcare practitioners, our main goal is our patient’s well-being. In an integrative healthcare model, all practitioners need to learn to work together for a common goal. Dental professionals need to educate themselves about different treatments and diagnoses that relate to … Continue reading

Enhance Your Natural Psychic Ability: Tuning into Your Soul Self

Barrows, Roach, cropped pic - Truly Alive MagazineWith Popular Psychic Trainer and Lecturer Mary Roach

According to the Edgar Cayce material, psychic ability is a natural component of soul growth; one that is enhanced through empathy and our connection with one another and our soul self. This program is designed to give you … Continue reading

Essential Oils for Deep and Profound Healing

Mathisen - Truly Alive Magazineby Maggie Mathisen

As a certified medicinal aroma therapist with Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils, I would like to share with you what I have experienced using essential oils.

Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils are in complete harmony with each other. There is no discordance within these oils to distort … Continue reading