A Candid Interview with Author Connie Guttersen

Gutternsen, Connie - Truly Alive Magazine. . . on her Newest Book The Love Diet

by Karen Larré, Dave Weaver and Carla Garcia

Connie Guttersen, R.D., Ph.D. is a registered dietitian and nutrition instructor at the world-famous Culinary Institute of America, the New York Times bestselling author of The Sonoma Diet books, and has consulted with a broad range of corporations and Fortune 500 companies. Mark … Continue reading

Complete Healing: Cause is Key

Nicodemo pic 2017 Truly Alive Magazine.by Alison Nicodemo, CBCP

The majority of health issues rarely improve because only the symptoms are treated. In order to successfully resolve a health issue, the cause of the issue must be found and removed. The KEY to improving and/or eliminating health issues is to discover and release the underlying causes … Continue reading

Connecting, Captivating and Compelling: The 2017 NM Mindfulness Conference

Lamb Mindfulness logo - Truly Alive MagazineBy Sidni Lamb, Mindful New Mexico

Conferences are an art and our learnings are often a reflection of our souls. The 2016 New Mexico Leaders in Mindfulness Conference was connecting, captivating, and compelling. It had a magical way of bringing mindfulness and presence to life. If you are committed to raising your … Continue reading

Dental Vacations

Sandi Ganshaw, Sandi's Smiles-Truly Alive Magazineby Sandi Ganshaw, RDH, MS

Dental vacations have become very popular. An increasing number of people are traveling out of the country for affordable dental treatment in Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Romania, Thailand and others. In fact, over 1.2 million Americans traveled abroad for health and dental care in 2014 according to Patients Beyond Borders. Before you schedule your appointment and … Continue reading

Exercise For Your Best Brain Health

Costello, Dr. Pamela - cropped - Truly Alive Magazineby Pamela Costello MD, Holistic Neurosurgeon, Neuroscientist

“If the body be feeble, the mind will not be strong”. Thomas Jefferson

Exercise is a critical component of creating your best brain health. Modern day neurotoxins, including heavy metals and industrial pollutants, as well as a genetically modified and adulterated food supply, radiation, and … Continue reading