“There is no incurable!” – Bruno Gröning. A new path to health for Body & Soul.

Bruno Groening, Miracle Healer - Truly Alive MagazineHealings documented and verified by independent physicians prove the truth of Bruno Gröning’s words, “There is no ‘incurable’. God is the greatest physician.”

The extraordinary healings that occurred through Bruno Gröning (1906-1959) ushered in a new era of spiritual healing.

Bruno Gröning left behind the knowledge of how to absorb a natural healing power that can bring long-lasting health … Continue reading

An Enlivening Interview with Joanna Garzilli about her new book BIG MIRACLES

By Karen Larre, Carla Garcia, and Dave Weaver

Joanna Garzilli is America’s Intuition CoachTM and author of Big Miracles: 11 Spiritual Rules For Ultimate Success. She is also co-founder of Hyper Chariot with her husband Nick, developing the ultimate transportation system of door-to-door space travel on earth. She has been featured in media nationally and internationally including: BBC News, … Continue reading

Do I Have Intestinal Parasites?

By Dr. Glenn Wilcox

From my clinical experience, the result of over a quarter century treating parasites, the reality for Americans is that approximately half the population has some type of intestinal parasite. Add to this the presence of unfriendly bacteria and yeast in the intestinal microbiome and the chance that you have some form … Continue reading

Does Energy Healing Really Work?

by Alison Nicodemo, CBCP

My answer is YES! Here’s why: It is a fact that everything is energy AND it is always being exchanged between humans. So, since we are always exchanging energy, then surely, we can intentionally send positive energy and release negative energies to help someone heal. And, even scientists are proving its validity.

There … Continue reading