A Heartwarming Interview with Colette Baron-Reid about her new book –

Uncharted: The Journey through Uncertainty to Infinite Possibility

by Karen Larré

Colette Baron-Reid, known by her fans as The Oracle, is an internationally-acclaimed intuitive counselor, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and host of the TV show Messages From Spirit as well as The Adventures of the Motorcycle Medium.

She’s also a bestselling author whose work has been … Continue reading

Bioidentical Hormones: The Difference Accurate Dosing Makes

by Melissa Parra, CFNP

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I am grateful to have been prescribing Bioidentical Hormones to women and men for more than 17 years. Every patient’s story is unique, which is why I remain so passionate about my job. Over the past year, several women have come to me after being … Continue reading

Biopuncture: Patients Are Loving It!

By Dr. Gretchen Gilbertson, D.C.

If you like the idea of using natural alternatives wherever possible, Biopuncture may be for you.

Most patients come to me for Biopuncture as an alternative to conventional approaches; most especially to avoid the side effects of orthodox treatment. Biopuncture is typically the athlete’s choice because the homeopathic medications used in … Continue reading

Does Your Business Have a Story to Tell?

Karen Larre Owner, Publisher of Truly Alive MagazineBy Karen Larré, Truly Alive Publisher

Business stories in Truly Alive definitely get the phone ringing and new clients/customers in the door. In fact, numerous of our advertisers have been represented in Truly Alive for as many as 18, 22, even 26 of the 27 years the magazine has been in print (formerly Living Natural Magazine). Visit our website to read advertiser testimonials: … Continue reading

Edgar Cayce on the Dark and Light Forces

– with John Van Auken in Albuquerque

As crowded and busy as life is on Earth, the hidden realms are more so. Angels, fairies, the Dark and Light Forces, and elementals inhabit this invisible plane around us. Edgar Cayce himself had the ability to see and perceive these forces, as well as discarnate entities, ghosts, and “invisible friends.” His readings assured us … Continue reading