Courage to Follow Your Bliss

Truly Alive Magazine - Camille Scielzi, Certified Life CoachBy Camille Scielzi – Certified Life Coach

Have you seen the quote “follow your bliss?” Does it make you smile in recognition or wistfulness? The author of the quote (Joseph Campbell) intended the phrase to be an invitation for you to take a unique spiritual journey or quest.

Acceptance of the quest would lead you on a … Continue reading

Death and Letting Go

Tadd new pic resizedby Ellen Tadd

Death is an inevitable fate that everyone must face. Still, the topic of death is often avoided or denied because of fears and misunderstandings about what death actually is. When we recognize death as a continuation of life, we release fears that prevent a fuller experience of material existence.

Just as attitudes and actions in one’s material life affect … Continue reading

Deep Healing vs. Managing Symptoms

Kerry_Leigh_croppedby Kerry Leigh

There are as many ways to heal as there are ways to mask dysfunction by treating symptoms, rather than treating the underlying causes of the symptoms. Do you want real healing of current, past or future life experiences, or a “band-aiding” of the situation with drugs, alcohol or food?

Everyday medical practitioners say to their patients: “you’ll have to live with it the … Continue reading