Celebrate December 21, 2012 in Ceremony at Chaco Canyon

Phaeryn Sheehan, Ascended Masters Foundation-Truly Alive Magazine


by Phaeryn Sheehan, Ascended Masters Foundation

At 11:11am on December 21st, a rare and magnificent astrological alignment will occur on our earth; an alignment that hasn’t happened for 26,000 years. Ever so many Teachers and Shamans of the Hopi and especially the Maya Traditions have given us profound insights into the meaning and significance of this day.

Regardless of how we are digesting these prophesies, what is ultimately true (I suggest), is the enormous Shift that these prophesies point to. It is a far greater Happening than we humans can possibly imagine unfolding in our time. And because we humans tend to respond fearfully to what we don’t understand and can’t control, there is a very strong negative mindset in our present day collective consciousness about it all. And with it, an anticipation of a doomsday–type scenario is anticipated.

When we humans lived a far more indigenous life, prophesies would motivate us to synergize with Spirited Reality by doing sacred ceremony. The Numinous power that radiated through every tree, stream, cloud, stone and human being was what we turned to in sacred ceremony in order to survive.

Sheehan, Ascended Masters Foundation canyon pix - Truly Alive MagazineToday we have lost that wisdom and are desperately needing to return to that consciousness so that we don’t have to fear what the Heavens and the Earth are doing. If we do, we will remember that we can be one with the shifts rather than be in a state of separation – in fear.

We of the Ascended Masters Foundation were founded by Ascended Consciousness in 1987 to provide channeled messages and divine healings so that all of us could (and especially now, can) consciously transition from the Old Ways of living (from a state of disconnection, fear and struggle) into a New World where pure divine love is in charge of reuniting all earthly manifestations back into Oneness and ‘beyond believable possibility.’

All of our Spiritual Communities’ programs are geared to, not only help us physically survive earthly disasters, but remember the Principle and Practices of Spiritual Warriorship that evolve us into higher and more refined vibrations of co-creative love with the Divine.’

We welcome you to take advantage of as many of our ‘2012 and Beyond Spiritual Program’ offerings as you can. Participating in sacred ceremony powerfully restores our lost relationship with our Mother Earth.

  • Free Prayer and Meditation conference call: Mondays every week at 7am and 8:45am. Call 626-677-3000 and enter access code #55565. Or call Phaeryn Sheehan at 505-401-2527.
  • The Spiritual Warrior of The Heart program: This channeled Series awakens and develops your innate Spiritual Warrior nature.  Contact Ira Cooper at 505-385-1120.
  • Monthly Medicine Wheel Ceremony: Co-create the consciousness of Heaven on Earth. Different sacred earth site every month.
  • Meet Your Ascended Master/Angelic Guardian: A spiritual reading (where you meet your Overseeing Ascended Master or Angelic Guardian) is an unforgettable experience. You never are the same because you know you have been re-united with a great source of Overseeing and empowering Light. Call Marshall Estner at 505-850-2132 to schedule a reading appointment.
  • Pilgrimage to Chaco Canyon on December 21st, 2012: Make your reservation to join us in doing a momentous sacred Ceremony by going to ascendedmastersfoundation.org. Contact: Ira Cooper at 505-385-1120.

Don’t miss our momentous, once in lifetime celebration of this year’s Winter Solstice on December 21st. Ceremony to be held at Chaco Canyon. Contact Marshall Estner at: 505-243-6579). 

Phaeryn Sheehan, Ascended Masters Foundation - Truly Alive Magazine








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