Did We Make It?

Vaitkus, White Horse-Truly Alive MagazineBy Jennifer McKay Vaitkus

Happy 2013! We made it and the World didn’t end!…or did it? I know for many, our worlds as we knew them DID end, paradigms DID shift, and belief systems DID fall. So many people are going through such amazing transformation, that I now know there was truth to the prophecies.

Here’s my question to those of you whose world ended: Did you go through, and (more likely) are you going through the process kicking and screaming? Crying and yelling? Feeling emotional? Scared? Full of doubt? Or are you moving through gracefully? Full of faith?  Trusting the process? I’m feeling that it doesn’t matter how you go through your process. What matters is that you GO THROUGH your process. What’s important is that you live, witness, and feel YOUR life. What matters is that you don’t try to avoid where you are and who you are in any given moment. It’s ALL Divine, whether you are full of doubt or full of faith, experiencing good days, bad days or a combination. All emotions are Divine: joy, sadness, fear, certainty, anger, compassion…ALL of it. Would you be willing to accept yourself as you are in this moment? I know for myself that is a hard one, but I know I must go into 2013 accepting and loving me, ALL of me.

I feel 2013 is going to offer energy and experiences like we’ve never seen before; life situations that we’ve never expected. If we enter into it with preconceived ideas ofVaitkus, White Horse 8th AD-Truly Alive Magazine who we should be and who we shouldn’t and how our stories are supposed to look, not only will life be more difficult, but we will miss so much beauty. Expansion and transformation, which are inevitable, will feel much more painful instead of magical. This isn’t to say that we won’t experience pain but when we can allow pain, joy, beauty, and magic to exist all together – and Divine – we are open to infinite possibilities.

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