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Lewis-Charlene-croppedweb only icon for website - Truly Alive Magazineby Charlene Lewis

The only constant in the universe is CHANGE!  Life is ever evolving.  We are ever evolving.   Nothing ever stays the same, nor is it meant to.  As divine, spiritual beings in a human body we are here to grow and change and evolve.  There are many natural healing techniques being applied in this new age to help us to do that.  Those techniques need to be malleable and flexible and expandable so they can support our growth.

Hypnosis is an older technique that has stood the test of time.  The list is almost endless of what hypnosis can be used for.  Some examples are weight loss, smoking cessation, relaxation, anger and mood issues, sleep issues, chronic pain, low self-esteem and lack of confidence, releasing fears and phobias and much more.

The subconscious mind can accept suggestions by the hypnotherapist.  It can be prompted to let go of old fears, habits and limiting beliefs.  Usually these fears, habits and beliefs are from hurts and traumas that we experienced throughout our life and (I believe) past lives.

It is human nature to protect ourselves and the more difficult our past was the more protective barriers we have created.  We put walls around our heart in order to feel protected and to not be vulnerable.  Unfortunately this cuts us off from ourselves and our ability to love ourselves.  We become fearful, anxious, controlling, defensive and angry.  These emotions are so unhealthy for us and those around us but they are our protection and it is hard to let go of them.  It is frightening to let go of them.

Through hypnosis and other techniques, that I teach my clients to do at home, we can start to let go of these barriers and negative emotions.  We can see where they came from.  Why they are there.  Then we can re-evaluate our lives and see that these protections are no longer needed.  We are adults now and not a vulnerable child.  We can start removing some of that armor and learn to love and trust again.  We can become confident and clear.  We can feel more peaceful and enjoy life again.  It’s a process that doesn’t happen overnight but it can and does happen if we want it to.  Hypnosis is a perfect tool to help us to relax and let go of old fears and to let down old walls of protection that are choking the life out of our hearts, our self-love and our spirits.

Hypnosis can not only help release old habits and patterns but it can even take us back to a past life where a fear or habit first began.   Going through a past life through hypnosis regression and re-experiencing the origin of the fear or trauma (in a guided and gentle way) allows us to have a deeper understanding of the fear, pattern or habit we are plagued with in this life.

There is also a form of hypnosis regression called Life Between Lives. Dr. Michael Newton first discovered the state when regressing a client who had expressed her loneliness in this life and wanted to have answers as to why she felt this way. Michael gave a simple command in hypnosis and the client unexpectedly connected with her memories of life as a soul.

This was a surprising turn of events and as his client began to see what was going on around her (in the memory she had connected with) she was able to distinguish her soul friends and family who were waiting for her in the spirit world. She was able, with Dr. Newton’s help, to find out why she was having a lonely existence on earth – her soul friends were not with her during this incarnation. It transpired that this decision was planned by her (and her guide) to help her learn how to become more independent and learn to cope with earth’s challenges without the support of her soul companions. This explained a lot for her and helped her to understand her life in a new and deeper way.

Charlene Lewis, Time to Heal - Truly Alive MagazineSo the point I am making about hypnosis is that it comes in many shapes and sizes.  It can be custom made to fit any person.  It can be used for various reasons and for almost any issue, block or pattern.

I have been doing hypnotherapy and many other emotional healing techniques for a number of years and with great success for both myself and my clients.  Call now for a FREE consultation.  It may be the most important and life changing call you will ever make!

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