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As we enter the holiday season, the season of love, the energies present on earth today allow each to open fully to the love that they are with grace and ease.  A franticness prevails during  the holidays designed to satisfy in some human way our call to share love.  What if, we absolutely knew with certainty that we are the gift, we are love, and from this we could be still within and peaceful, and in this way truly be available to ourselves and others?

This time last year many around the world were focusing on Dec. 21, 2012 as the birthing of the Golden Age on Earth and what that meant to themselves, humankind and our world.  What happened and when to our planet that brought us to Evans, Earth shift 3rd - 5th - Truly Alive Magazinethe changes that are now occurring everywhere we look on Earth?  In my knowing Earth shifted from the 3rd domain dual world into a full 5th domain on December 31, 2011.  Said another way this world shifted from a dual world of harm and more to a non-dual 5th domain world of love, compassion and joy that is now imbued in all life.  I watched and participated in this event, as did many others both in and out of human form on Earth.  It was a glorious once in a cosmic history divine event, planned long ago by the Godhead and Godhead beings, those we call the Masters and co-created with them by many Evolutionary Souls, which we as humans are.

Love is literally in the air, in every particle of life on our planet and solar system.  We are living on a planet supported energetically only in 5th Domain/Dimension energy by the Godhead and by its nature and movement will reveal all that is not of this love and all that is of love, in our world and ourselves. Surrendering and allowing in each moment to our true nature as a cosmic being of love, allowing our love to rise in each moment will bring each into their conscious knowing of the love that they are.  Living the life and making  choices from our knowing reflect our true integrity. 

Evans - rose from lea - Truly Alive MagazineAll life is created from the Godhead in pure love. We are powerful creator beings.  In the cosmos there are no secrets, all life is greatly loved and supported, all needs are met and each accepted as each is.   We are never alone and all know the interconnectedness of all life everywhere.  Earth is not our home. Humans are Evolutionary Souls that come to earth, take on a human form, by choice, forgetting all we are, yet always at the core of our being is the love that we are.  This is centered in our hearts where our Souls connect to our bodies.  We agreed to forget who and what we truly are and we joyfully knew we would do this when we chose to come here.  We agreed to create an ego through choices over our life and to answer the call of what the human in a dual world defines as love, which is a shadow of our true expression of the love that we are.  In human love, based in duality, more, harm, and lack, rules and conditions of how we must be are set in societies and their infrastructures of all kinds.  Who we should love, and how we live from our love and wisdom is restricted in duality.    In my own experience and sharing both personally and as a Mentor people share often that their expressions of innate love and wisdom were not allowed during their life and they acquiesced so as not to lose the love of those around them.  We cannot lose something we don’t own….and that we already are.

Love is the foundational energetic building block of all life.  Abiding, moment by moment in our love there is an expansive feeling of ongoing upliftment and oneness, inspiration, grace, awe, wonder, beauty, harmony, inexplicable joy, a sense of continual expansiveness, and knowing of our interconnectedness to all life.  We knew when we came to Earth this time we could awaken to our Soul’s knowing and live in the joy and peace of that state. We can now easily open to who we are as love as the 5th Domain energy on Earth supports this coming back into one’s innate state completely.  No longer do Evans - animals man love - Truly Alive Magazinedual constructs rule.   Many around the world are awakening, some into Self Realization and Exaltation and this will continue. What does it take to live in our love?  Start your day in stillness continuing to take 10- 15 minutes throughout the day to be absolutely still, connect to your heart and ask to know the truth of your love. Laying aside all thoughts allow yourself to expand and be enfolded in you ~ your wonder, power, majesty, and beauty that you truly are.  Chose to live each moment in your integrity, peace, and wisdom.

We see everywhere we look many secrets of harm in our world being exposed. One of these secrets is that we as humans are limited, small and powerless. Our human minds still remember duality and in this each can still harm themselves and others through ego human habits and patterns of fear that have not been laid aside.  Each has the capacity  to go into one’s heart and ask for the truth of any human habit and pattern to be revealed and lay aside what is not truth.

As we move into the holiday season and beyond know that you are love, compassion and joy & that this pulsating new energy on our planet uplifts you into you with grace and ease if aligned with and allowed.  Love in the new 5th Domain language is PYAAR  ISHQ.  Embrace you as the gift ~ for as you do you give others the gift of knowing they can do the same.  I wish you blessings of your love in every moment.

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Seriam Deb Evans, Eros Dei Dictum

Seriam Deb Evans, 505-610-1946,

Deb offers mentoring sessions, writings, Wyrush and teleconference to assist those to remember who they are and what they know of these glorious times.

Eros Co-Founder, Dr. Cherie Skinner shared on Love in 2008:

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