Multi-Dimensional Healing

Mathisen - Truly Alive Magazineby Maggie Mathisen

Are you living the life you imagined? Do you have radiant health and well-being? Are you ready to transform your being into one of more ease, lightness, happiness? Are you ready to break the knee-jerk reactions which have been plaguing you all your life?

My broken arm was healed in 5 days! Doctor was amazed. W.N., ABQ

My carotid artery was partially blocked. After going to Maggie, I had it re-imaged. No Blockage! B.E., ABQ

I’m more flexible physically. But more importantly, more flexible emotionally. I no longer have my quick anger trigger. I’m able to remain calm and centered and loving. S.T., Corrales

My chronic headaches are gone! A.R., ABQ

These kinds of results are possible when our corresponding “issue” is addressed on multi-dimensional levels. When the contributory issue is cleared in the Causal, Astral, Physical, and Psychic Planes, we have true, lasting healing.

Our aura, or energy field, consists of the energy or vibrations of love, joy and peace along with the vibrations of our “issues”. These issues are with us from the moment we experience being separated from Source to begin the journey into form.

As we become denser and assume a body, our issues begin to trouble us. They are anchored in all the dimensions but the psychic plane holds the pain of the unresolved issues in our lives. When all planes are cleared, we experience complete healing. The emotional attachments to the issues must be healed, the mental/belief attachments must be healed and the physical body must be healed of its restrictions, which limit the flow of energy, and the causal, astral and psychic dimensions must be healed. The healing I do clears all dimensions simultaneously.

Everything is energy vibrating, including us. We are used to vibrating at a certain pitch or frequency. This pitch includes the frequencies of our beliefs, physical restrictions, and spiritual awakenings. True change, or healing, happens when we can sustain a higher, clearer pitch. The higher and clearer the pitch, the healthier we are. All dysfunction, illness and discontent begin to change and heal as our vibration becomes clearer and clearer. Our issues cannot coexist with the pure vibration of love, joy and peace…in other words, the vibration of Source. The recognition that we are connect to Source, and have never been separate from It, is ultimately what heals us. Holding this vibration is one of my particular healing gifts.

My work is universal and draws from many traditions. I believe everyone has within themselves the seeds of their own healing. However, sometimes we need help. Turning to a healer at these times can be powerfully beneficial. I see my role as helping clients realize their true potential as beings of light and love. I am available for healings at my office or for distance healings. Call for your appointment today: 505-898-7853.

Mathisen 4v MayJune14 - Truly Alive MagazineMaggie has recognized her ability to heal since childhood. She has worked as a healer since 1986. Maggie is a licensed massage therapist (LMT #2431), certified in Reiki and The Reconnection™, and trained in Upledgers CranioSacral Therapy, CranioSacral for Pediatrics, Chikley’s Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphatic Drainage for the Brain, Structural Integration™, and Neuromuscular Therapy™. Her spiritual journey (which began as a child) has brought her to the realization of the unity and oneness of all. These two lifelong journeys intersect and create. Maggie’s heartfelt desire is to help end all suffering and facilitate true love, joy and peace in all beings everywhere.

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