A Primer: The New Quantum Consciousness Technology

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Are you aware there’s an amazing new modality knocking around out there in the ethers? There is. And it’s so new it doesn’t even have a well-known name yet!

Certain words are commonly used to describe it, though. “Quantum” is very popular. “Holographic” is sometimes used, as is “Matrix” and “Alchemy”. But be aware that these terms are also used for modalities other than a true Quantum Consciousness technology, as there are currently no standards for this cutting-edge practice. In this article, it will be referred to as “Quantum Consciousness” technology or “QC for short.

What the various forms of a true QC all have in common is that they are a wild and wonderful marriage of various quantum physics principles and what we already know of as consciousness.

So why should you care? Let’s first cover what it has to offer.


One of the extraordinary and unique characteristics of QC is that it results in an immediate change or shift, although sometimes the change will take time to unfold within you or into your life.

Foy quantum-energy-field-universe-explosion-with-particles - Truly Alive MagazineThis is because it works at the most subtle level of all; in the field of all possibility which exists prior to manifestation and upon which what we perceive as ourselves (and upon which our lives are based).

It can be applied to anything, no holds barred. It can be used to adjust patterns in your own persona, as well as situations in your life or others’. (It’s tricky to speak of because in reality, there is no “other”, but we’ll stick with commonly understood concepts.)

For example, it can adjust and shift areas related to:

  • Your job
  • Your interests and/or vocations
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Emotions
  • Health
  • Spirituality
  • Traits or abilities
  • Habits
  • Your environment (home, family, co-workers, pets, property, spaces, etc.)
  • Issues from the past
  • Concerns about the future
  • Specific upcoming events


Really, nothing is off-limits. So how can this be?

How It Works

In a nutshell, here’s the basic idea.

First, everything physical is consciousness made manifest.

You can think of it as a continuum with the field of pure potential at one end, and the time/space of physical manifestation at the other.

consciousness -> energy -> manifestation

A small change at the most subtle levels of consciousness or energy — where patterns or “blueprints” exist — can create profound shifts in our lives.

QCs are concepts or frameworks within which a practitioner deliberately works (or plays) at those most subtle levels of consciousness to effect positive change for themselves or others.

So now, how is this actually done? Let’s see.

The Practice

First of all, nothing is being done by the practitioner. Really, they merely enter a particular state of consciousness, connecting consciously with the field of all possibilities, and “from there” facilitate a desirable manifestation to either occur instantly or unfold over time. If steps are used, they’re more a way to structure the inclusion of QC into a session than they are to “do” QC.

Here are some steps a QC practitioner might take:

Note: There are various ways to practice QC, so for examples such as this, we refer to a version called Holographic Emergence™ as it’s practiced right now.

1.  Open and expand his/her mind

This is important, and can take some time and experience to achieve. But QC can result in changes that seem nothing short of miraculous. To facilitate this, the practitioner needs to be open to possibilities way beyond what we, in our society, are conditioned to conceive of as possible.

2.  Plug into “The Field” consciously by entering “The State”

This is where the practitioner enters the state. This is often done before the session itself begins. In fact, some practitioners become adept at living in this state as their natural way of being, and are — in many ways — often or always practicing QC.

stock-photo-spiral-vortex-galaxy-in-space - Truly Alive Magazine3.  Intend (and let go!)

Here is where the recipient’s desire for change comes into play. Their intention is gently placed into the field. The practitioner lets go of the need for any kind of pre-conceived result, and it’s helpful if the recipient can do likewise. This allows for even better results than can be imagined or anticipated.

4.  Play

This is done very differently (or not at all) depending on the specific form of QC. But for Holographic Emergence™, here’s what this play may entail:

  • Remain receptive (i.e. remain in the state)
  • Notice what is (to calibrate)
  • Engage with the field. Lots of fun toys and tools are used at this point, and may include simple observation, adjustment of archetypical or specific patterns, intuitive impressions or guidance, various energy modalities, and really anything else that “shows up”.
  • Notice shifts (to monitor & recalibrate)
  • Repeat as guided


5.  See what’s different!

At the end of a session (or even during), the recipient invariably notices that they feel relaxed, peaceful and uplifted. They may notice that some changes or shifts have already occurred in the area they want addressed by the session. But whether or not this is the case, it’s important that they remain open to further changes that may unfold in their lives as a result. Consciously acknowledging any differences is a powerful aid in enabling the changes to manifest fully.

So that’s one example of how a QC session might play out.

What QC is Not

meditation third eye - Truly Alive MagazineTechnically, you can’t exclude anything because QC is all-inclusive. But it’s predominantly founded on consciousness along with quantum principles, so let’s keep this simple.

Here’s a short list of some things you might be wondering about.

  • QC is not energy work. By the time something is “energy”, it’s already becoming something. It’s further along that continuum toward manifestation than consciousness is. It’s also not “running energy” (e.g. Reiki, Pranic Healing, etc.)
  • It’s not a mental or emotional process such as visualization, Law of Attraction, focus on intention, etc.
  • It’s not a technique. It’s something that’s always available to you and everyone. As you become familiar with it, you access and interact with it however you see fit.
  • It’s not doing something … or doing anything. With QC, the practitioner is truly a door, not a do-er.
  • It’s not anything that takes time. In fact, even before a QC session takes place, it’s already “done”. So why schedule time for a session? Well, for one thing, sessions are fun! Most sessions include a little more than just QC. Whatever “presents itself” as useful while engaging with the field is incorporated. Conversely, it’s not uncommon for QC to be incorporated into another modality, such as an already established energy-work or healing practice. In these cases, it can add an additional dimension to the results.


Simply put, QC is not anything that isn’t essentially about consciously accessing that field of pure potential where anything is possible … that field of magic and miracles!

So now you’ve got a good idea what this exciting new technology called QC is all about. If it’s outside the box and a little — or a lot — unbelievable, then chances are, that’s it!

Patti Foy is a natural catalyst and has been facilitating positive and transformational change for clients world-wide since 1997. She gets down-to-earth, practical results by working at the level of energy and consciousness, and blogs about it at her site www.LightspiritedBeing.com so you can, too!

Patti is the developer of Holographic Emergence™, a Quantum Consciousness technology. Visit www.LightspiritedBeing.com to access all of her empowering services (Holographic Emergence™, Vedic Astrology, Channeling, and Animal Communication). While you’re there, be sure to get your free download: Emergence Primer + Tune-Up Session, and follow Patti on Twitter and Lightspirited Being on Facebook.

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