Resource Directory, March/April 2012

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A Healing Hand

Helene Valenti-Advanced Healing-Truly Alive MagazineTake your healing to a whole new level! Dr. Helene Valenti offering: (NES) Nutri Energetic Systems -identifies body-field issues and corrective actions, amazing homeopathic injection therapy (pain, sinuses, more), kinesiology, nutritional testing, NET, Myofascial release, soft-tissue massage, energy therapies, powerful chiropractic and detoxification programs. Saturday appointments in Rio Rancho: 505-553-5010

Alternative Wellness

Sacred Journeys Wellness logo-Truly Alive Magazine

Sacred Journeys Wellness Specializing in Stress and Pain Management, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Body Detoxification, Ear Candling, Ayni Restoration and LifeWeaving, Dream Interpretation, Energy Work, Angel Readings, Shamanic Journeys, Astrology, Young Living Essential Oils. Gift Certificates Available. 1919 San Mateo Blvd, 505-255-3388.


Astrology, Tarot, palmistry, numerology-Truly Alive MagazineAstrology, Tarot, palmistry, numerology. Astrology and Tarot Classes and gentle, intuitive, private, personal readings. Easily contacted, Reasonable rates. Flexible times.

Astrology: Charles,

Tarot: Estole, msdayton1@

Body + Brain Center

Body + Brain Holistic Yoga and Fitness-Truly Alive Magazine


Meditation, Stretching, Breathing. Restore your body/mind balance.

2950 Central Ave. SE #C, 505-262-2211


Kadampa Meditation Center of New Mexico - Truly Alive MagazineBuddhist Meditation

Kadampa Meditation Center NM – Everyone Welcome!

8701 Comanche NE, Albuquerque, NM, 505-292-5293

Chakra/Energy Healing

Chakra Healing, Time to Heal - Truly Alive MagazineChakra/Energy Healing, only $10 in the comfort of your own home – anywhere in the world! Sunday evenings, 7pm MST. Sit back, relax and receive powerful, combined healing energy from 3 energy healers.

Reserve your spot:

Colon Hydrotherapy/Cleansing/Colonics

Bill Haggard, All About Health, Colonics-Truly Alive MagazineAll About Health – Colonics

Gentle, Effective, Professional

Bill Haggard, Colon Therapist, 18+ years.

Colon cleansing helps you detoxify, ease stress and can improve how well you feel in wonderful ways! Call for your appointment today! 505-888-5858.

Colon Hydrotherapy/Cleansing/Colonics

Rio Cleansing Therapy, Jeanette Joyce, CT

Conveniently located in Rio Rancho

FDA Approved Equipment, I-Act Certified Therapist, Disposable Accessories, 505-867-0328

Colon Hydrotherapy/Cleansing/Colonics

Kukana Colonics - Truly Alive MagazineExperience Kukana’s Angel of Water! Albuquerque’s only private colonic system. Self-administer or with attendant. Pencil-sized nozzle provides spontaneous, free-flowing releases; easing gas & large matter flow. Push & assist the process. FDA approved hospital equipment. I-Act Certified since 1985. Convenient NE Heights location. Detailed information & coupons on the website. 505-298-1983.

Edgar Cayce Studies

Learn about Edgar Cayce and how his prophecies can enhance your life experience right now and in the coming times. Free study groups. Call Wanda Barrows, 505-890-0878 or

Emotion Code

Emotion Code, Andy Ervin-Truly Alive MagazineDo you have trapped emotions? Are the emotions from your past still with you, affecting you in unseen ways? The Emotion Code is a simple, elegant system that identifies and gently releases trapped emotional energy and “heart-walls”, benefiting the body, mind and spirit. Very reasonable rates…mention Truly Alive for a special discount. Andy Ervin, C.E.C.P., 505-239-7196.

Energy Disciplines

The QUICK PULSE Technique developed by Jo Dunning is a new, easy and powerful way to help create rapid changes in many areas of your life including health, relationships, finance, happiness, business, spiritual growth and so much more. During a phone session you will simply focus on specific items you want to change. The energy starts and will continue on its own to clear the items addressed.

Karen, 505-681-5600 or

Energy Psychology

TAT, Energy Psychology-Truly Alive Magazine


50% off TAT Spring Special!

First two sessions, only $25 each! Let go of old beliefs that are blocking your happiness. Heal any type of trauma. In person, by phone or Skype.

Susan Lemme, Certified TAT Professional: 505-610-1022.


Handyman, Albuquerque, Bill Nelson-Truly Alive MagazineLooking for a great handyman? If trustworthiness, dependability and wonderful skills are important to you, look no further. Over 25 years experience working in all phases of construction/repair. Unlimited, Great References – unlicensed. Can do just about anything a house needs inside and out (including some remodeling)

Bill Nelson: 505-892-0210

Health Care for Women

Women's Health Care, Midwife, Susan Simon-Truly Alive MagazineHigh Quality, Compassionate Personalized Care for Women of all ages. Annual Exams, Pap Smears, Birth Control, Breastfeeding Support, Menopausal Care, Bio-identical hormones.

Susan Simon, Certified Nurse – Midwife: 505-331-1595


Hypnosis for weight loss, smoking, stress and anxiety.

Local sessions: Ara Rao, MFA, CH, 469-471-3585


Hypnotherapy, Reiki, David Fisher-Truly Alive MagazineTry a therapy with a 93% success rate. Find your true self. I can help you achieve goals and transcend issues. Free Consultation.

David B Fisher, CHt, MBA, Clinical Hypnotherapist/Reiki Master, 505.463.7392, CMS-CHT #709-287


Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Reika Long-Truly Alive MagazineAre you emotionally abused? Find your Authentic Self, reprogram toxic thoughts, improve your body image and experience spiritual transformation through: Reiki, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, and Affirmations.

Rieka Long, Master Hypnotist, Reiki Master

Rancho de Avalon, 505-263-8403

Integrative Medicine

Sanjevani Integrative Medicine Health & Lifestyle Center

Sanjevani provides unique, MD physician-based, holistic, integrative medicine services. Choose from a group of highly specialized practitioners including MDs, Massage Therapists, DOMs/Acupuncturists, Yoga Therapists or Esthetician. Scientifically based multi-vitamins, minerals, biotherapeutics and herbal supplements are available in our Lifestyle Center Store.

7920 Wyoming, Blvd. NE, Suite B • 505-821-6300

Intuitive Consulting

Intuitive Consulting, Readings, Galaya Wittenberg-Truly Alive MagazineGALAYA – INTUITIVE RESOURCES

Readings • Coaching • Counseling Animal Communication Relationship • Career Health & Business

505-466-3764 (Santa Fe), 888-326-0403 (toll free)

Light Body Healing

Experience dynamic mind-body-spirit transformation, feeling the energy of your chakras and your Luminous Body (aura). Re-discover your whole and complete mental and emotional selves. One hour sessions by appointment.

American Shamanic Healing. Call Bob, CHt: 505-830-2274.

Mama’s Minerals

Mamas Minerals -Truly Alive Magazine


Spring Chakra Cleansing:Crystal Wands, New Mexico Sage, & Stone Eggs.

ABQ San Mateo @ Lomas, Santa Fe Plaza, 505-266-8443


Lemurian Teachings

Maitreya Meditation Center

Spiritual Growth/Transformation • Past Lives • Lemurian/Ascended Masters channelling • Classes • Meditations • Chakra Balancing., 505-239-2445.

Music Instruction

Music Instruction, Zada Alexander-Truly Alive MagazinePiano and Voice Lessons by Zada Alexander


Sound, Color & Vibration


Massage for Chronic Tension

Massage for Chronic Tension, Angelle St. Pierre-Truly Alive Magazine

Experience profound relief from your chronic pain/tension, and relax deeply. Massage combined with trigger point therapy can give you immediate results, providing relief from head to toe.

Angelle St.Pierre, LMT #4377


Nutritional Blood Analysis

Nutritional Blood Analysis, Gwen Pullen -Truly Alive Magazine

With a drop of blood under a microscope, we can identify digestive issues, vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, viral/bacterial infections, enzyme deficiencies and much more. Get healthy in 2012!

Call Gwen Pullen: 507-0467 to schedule today!


Past Life Regression

Have you lived before? Uncover and develop insight into past blockages and issues impacting your current life with Past Life Regression.

Call Allen, MS, CH for more info: 505-285-1843, 855-MIND-CARE (toll-free).

Pet Care/House Sitting

Pet & House Sitting, Pet Care, Happy Pets-Truly Alive MagazinePet Sitting /Overnights • Dog Walking • Plant Care

Over 30 years experience • Great References

Robin Gardner, Susan Lemme : 505-830-2789

Pilates and More

Pilates, Lourdes Avitia-Truly Alive MagazineLook and feel your very best! Pilates, The Reconnection™ or Boot Camps by Lourdes; my NE Heights studio or get a group together and I’ll come to you! Reiki classes now available in Spanish!

Pilates by Lourdes: 505-550-5759.

Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings since 1987-Truly Alive Magazine


PSYCHIC COUNSELOR since 1987. Studied meditation and hypnosis under her mentor, Sylvia Browne. Full life readings will answer all your questions, including spirit guides, angels and loved ones.

Trish Ann: 505-896-0958


Reiki Master, Usui, Elizabeth Valsala-Truly Alive Magazine


Usui Shiki Ryoho Furumoto lineage

Treatments/Classes/Groups: 505-323-1993


Reiki Master, Charlotte Motter-Truly Alive MagazineREIKI MASTER/TEACHER 505-892-0291

Charlotte Motter: Reiki • Polarity • Reflexology • Raindrop Therapy • Ear Candling

REIKI? A HEALING ART? YES! (book/video) 1-800-788-7654, REIKI Giver of Healing (video/audiotape) 1-800-505-4659. Successful results with various health issues.


Reiki Master Usui, Jan Shroeder-Truly Alive MagazineREIKI MASTER – Usui Shiki Ryoho

JAN SCHROEDER- Leap of Faith Healing Center

A retreat-like setting in RIO RANCHO. Reiki energy sessions, Classes, Path Guidance. A Powerful and intense, yet blissful Reiki experience! K.H., ABQ., 505-261-1703

Reiki Healing

Reiki, Peaceful Presents, Jessica Hitch-Truly Alive Magazine

Personal and planetary healing! Through Reiki treatments and attunements, Peaceful Presents empowers you to access the healing ability that is your birthright.



Reiki, Reflexology, Lynnie Naslund-Truly Alive MagazineLynnie Naslund, Reiki Master, Usui Method of Natural Healing/ Usui Shiki Ryoho. By appointment, NE Heights: 505-331-2506, Saturdays at White Horse, 2-5pm.


Spiritual Chivalry

Circes International, David Sayhoun-Truly Alive MagazineWho Are You? What Is Your Mission In Life? “It is about connecting mind and heart, understanding one’s psyche and putting it all in service to one’s sisters and brothers.”

David Sahyoun: 505-239-4850

Starfire Healing, Santa Fe: 413-259-5271

Starfire Healing Santa Fe, Sandra Wood-Truly Alive MagazineWalk in Beauty-Receive Abundance

Radiate Light-Be Who You Are

You Can Channel Too

Channeling, Golden Ascension, Judy Vavrek-Truly Alive Magazine


Dr. Judy Vavrek channels the Golden Ascension. Lift into relief, peace, happiness, hope and wonderful relationships.

Free Intuitive answers. Mondays, 6-7 pm $10.

616 Isleta SW, 505-873-0606









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