Sexy Forever and The Sexy Forever Recipe Bible

T R U L Y A L I V E F E A T U R E S E C T I O N -Suzanne Somers

Sexy Forever and The Sexy
Forever Recipe Bible
Suzanne Somers Answers the
Questions Readers Want to Know!

By Carla Garcia, Robin Gardner with Karen Larré

Well known first as an American actress (most notably through her role as the bubbly Chrissy Snow on the hit sitcom Three’s Company), Suzanne Somers has become a natural health advocate, author and icon; positively affecting the lives of millions around the globe. In the late 1980s, her career as a health and fitness promoter started when she marketed a small piece of exercise equipment called the ThighMaster. Diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2000, doctors performed a lumpectomy. After surgery, Somers had radiation treatment, but she decided against having chemotherapy. She chose to take an alternative treatment called Iscador.Suzanne Somers Answers the Questions Readers of Truly Alive Want to Know!

Her course of treatment soon became a subject of public debate; with some doctors and others criticizing Somers for her actions. She was also chastised for continuing to take hormones after her treatments, against her doctors’ advice. Despite her critics, Ms. Somers has been cancer-free for more than 20 years (as well as menopause symptom-free for over a decade).

“Are you bloated? Got belly fat? Are your hormones out of whack? Does this all sound too familiar? At a certain age, our bodies betray us. Diet and exercise alone just don’t cut it anymore. Well, I’ve spent the past two decades working with a team of cutting-edge doctors, and I’ve found the missing piece of the puzzle to losing weight after 40. This new information will astonish you – and I want to share these discoveries with you in my new book!” – Suzanne Somers Whether you have just a few pounds to lose or are battling more, this new plan will give you the knowledge you need to easily combat your toxic burden to become slim, vibrant, healthy, and sexy….forever.

Thousands of FDA-approved chemicals and toxins surrounding us everyday sabotage our health and weight – this book will show you how to conquer these enemies. Sexy Forever includes: A simple-to follow three-phase weight loss program, filled with rich, delicious foods, plus, a special Detox Phase that has been designed to release your toxic burden and blast off those pounds. There are delicious recipes, with menus for fabulous eating every day a moderate (hint: fast and easy!) exercise program to keep you fit and healthy and ways to jump-start your success.

Suzanne includes cutting-edge, natural tools and products to make every step of the plan, faster, easier and more convenient.

Amazing supplements and weight loss products are recommended to help catapult your success. A simple test is available that could unlock the hidden secret to your personal food demons – food sensitivities or intolerance that may silently be keeping you overweight or even chronically ill. Achieving natural hormone balance  is the missing ingredient for every person over forty and must be added to make any plan successful. The book provides an all-access pass to revered doctors, experts, and nutritionists who helped Suzanne craft the plan.

Intuitive Holistic HealthcareThe Sexy Forever Recipe Bible includes hundreds of delectable recipes and the best of the best, tried-and-true fan favorites, revised and updated to reflect Suzanne’s approach to toxin-free eating. Each recipe is coded so that readers who suffer from allergies to gluten, eggs or dairy will be able to use the Sexy Forever Weight Loss Plan to customize their needs. The books provide dozens of recipes for vegans and vegetarians.

TA: You tell readers in Sexy Forever not to be overwhelmed by changes. What is the first step to becoming sexy forever?

Suzanne Somers: Attitude, confidence, and harvesting as much information as possible to improve your physical self holistically.

TA: Since we need to detoxify our bodies before becoming healthier/sexier, what do you consider to be the most effective and affordable detoxification methods?

SS: Start by eating only organic foods. Load up on a rainbow of vegetables and fruits, as much as you want. Add basic supplementation. We market a great combo pack on

TA:Can you explain to our readers why detoxification makes you feel worse?

Suzanne and her husband Alan Hamel

Suzanne and her husband Alan Hamel

SS: Our bodies are not set up to process chemicals and our livers are overworked attempting to handle them. Eventually, our livers and all our vital organs become fatigued. The chemicals are deposited in our fat tissue and the more chemicals ingested, the worse you feel…it’s a downward spiral.

TA: Your analogy between junk food cravings and drug addiction is wonderful. Would you tell us why we become addicted to processed foods?

SS: Junk food chemicals are designed to taste great, so our brains crave more and more of them, much like drug addiction.

TA: Sexy Forever provides clear explanations of why we have difficulty losing weight. Could you please tell our readers how stress and imbalanced hormones make us gain weight?

SS: Stress blunts the production of certain hormones and your insulin goes way up. Insulin is the fat-storing hormone. It begins s a cascade of events that continues to pile on the fat.

TA: You talk about how getting hormones in balance helps us sleep better and that sleeping helps with weight loss. What’s the best way to find out if our hormones are out of balance?

SS: Have a doctor who specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, called BHRT, do a hormone panel for you to give a reading on where your hormone levels are. Then begin the process of getting them balanced. Once balanced, your insulin levels will go down and you will actually lose weight while you are sleeping.

TA: Food allergies and food sensitivities is explained well in Sexy Forever. Would you explain why food sensitivity causes weight gain?

suzanne Somers in Truly AliveSS: My husband is gluten intolerant; gluten is poison to his body. So when he eats anything containing gluten, his body works overtime to handle it, instead of absorbing the vital nutrients in the food. Eventually, it could lead to celiac disease. In his case, because he was not absorbing minerals, he lost some bone density. Since changing his eating habits, his bone density has been restored. Although I didn’t know it for a long time, I was terribly allergic to eggs; in my body, they were poison. My system didn’t know what to do with this toxic substance, so it stored it in my fat tissue. Fat cells don’t get broken down easily, so the toxins literally weigh the body down. When I stopped eating eggs, I stopped storing the toxins, and the weight dropped off. My daughter experienced a more dramatic weight loss; she gave up eggs and an extra 25 pounds disappeared.

TA: Why does food intake drop when we eliminate foods that we are reactive or sensitive to?

SS: When we eat foods that are in sync with what our bodies need to function optimally, our body needs less to satisfy us.

TA: Readers know that sugar is a big part of weight gain. Why we are so drawn to eating it and can you speak to the connection between diet sodas and fatty food cravings?

SS: Diet sodas are chemicals. Fatty fast foods are chemicals. Chemicals taste great, but because they are empty foods — lacking in nutrition — our brains and bodies think if we eat more, we will get the nutrition the body is seeking. The bottom line is that diet sodas create weight gain and mess with your brain.

TA: Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine” and Sexy Forever certainly explains how we can take steps to doNatural Health Center exactly that. Could you tell us why you think this simple concept is so difficult to put into action?

SS: It’s simple. Nature has given us everything we need to be healthy. Corporate America has chosen to manipulate our foods by spraying them with chemicals and changing their molecular structure. It’s best to eat only organic foods. Some people don’t have access to much organic food, so if you have to eat conventionally produced foods, load up on antioxidants.

TA: It was interesting to read that many countries around the world ban the sale of U.S. beef and chicken. Can you share about why that is?

SS: They don’t want their populations to eat all the growth hormones and antibiotics in our chickens and beef. Check out “Food, Inc.,” a great documentary.

TA: Could you explain leaky gut syndrome? How common is it?

SS: Leaky gut syndrome is a common digestive problem. It happens when allergens from food sensitivities or food allergies leak into your bloodstream and  are attacked by your antibodies, making you tired, bloated and fat.

TA: Although you say, “There are no shortcuts to true health,” you also say you can begin feeling better and losing weight with some simple changes. Please give us one simple change in our daily habits that could make us feel better almost immediately.

SS: Drinking lots of water, absent of chloride and fluoride and all the chemicals dumped into our water supply. Mountain Valley Spring Water is a great one.

TA: Chronic constipation is more common than we would like to admit. You explain how to prevent this and how chronic constipation can lead to serious disease. Can you sum up why or how this happens for my readers?

suzanne somersSS: It’s about nutrition. Eat right and your body works beautifully. Eat chemicals and your body punishes you with constipation.

TA: Your new cookbook, The Sexy Forever Recipe Bible, is a wonderful guide to healthy eating on lots of levels. It makes it easy to create a lifestyle that can truly keep us “Sexy Forever!”

SS: The Sexy Forever Recipe Bible is my 21st book. My readers have been requesting it for years — a master book of my recipes from the Somersize series. Here it is! I have taken the best of the best, revised, updated, organized, and categorized all of them to work with my amazing weight-loss plan, Sexy Forever. This plan is very similar to Somersize, but with some great updates based on current science and newer discoveries related to losing weight and staying healthy.

TA: Can you share about the importance of combining protein with healthy fat and vegetables?

SS: Healthy fats like olive oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil, and organic butter are great omega-3 foods. Other oils like sunflower, canola, and peanut are omega-6 oils and we don’t need them. Add organic protein to ealthy oils and it’s the perfect combination since our bodies need protein, fat, and carbohydrates for healthy cell construction.

TA: Your Sexy Forever juice blend sounds yummy. What are the benefits?

SS: A blast of nutrients that fires up your energy.

TA: How is Somersweet made and where can readers get some?

SS: Somersweet is all natural and has been the fastest selling product on for years. It does everything sugar does, but benefits your body, rather than destroying it.

TA: Is there anything else you would like my readers to know about?

SS: Whenever you eat out, ask if organic food is offered. Eventually, the restaurant will get the message.

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