The Infinite View: A Guidebook for Life on Earth

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It seems that there are two kinds of people on this planet: those governed by their analytical mind and those driven by their gut. Immense life decisions often hinge entirely on emotion or intellect, hunches or carefully detailed plans. And yet, as those from both camps can attest, these seemingly reliable informants can lead us completely astray.

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Ellen Tadd (photo credit Ellen Augarten)

Internationally revered clairvoyant counselor Ellen Tadd offers an alternative. In her new book, THE INFINITE VIEW: A Guidebook for Life on Earth (A TarcherPerigee hardcover; on sale March 28, 2017), Tadd advises readers that, instead of relying on intellect or instinct, they should learn to perceive their circumstances through an objective lens—what she refers to as our “third eye.” Drawing on the counsel from her spiritual guides, Tadd provides practical advice for those seeking to approach life in a more balanced, spiritually informed manner. Lessons feature instructions on:

  • Developing the skills of deep focus and deep listening
  • Tuning into others in order to understand their perspectives and needs
  • Integrating spiritual practice with chores and other daily tasks
  • Sustaining genuine positivity in order to protect ourselves from negative surroundings
  • Nurturing an attitude of “newness” in order to clear away our distorted perceptions

Written with deep compassion, humility, and the kind of objective wisdom that readers themselves will aspire to obtain, THE INFINITE VIEW is the ultimate guidebook for those seeking tangible tools to help better navigate the inevitable highs and lows life brings.

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