Unseen Worlds: Past Lives, Future Lives, and the Afterlife

Barrows, Edgar Cayce, Unterberger - Truly Alive MagazineAn Edgar Cayce Event with Gregg Unterberger, Med, LPC

Edgar Cayce subjugated his conscious mind to Higher Consciousness to access the Akashic Records, to see visions of the past and future, and even travel in the celestial realms. Most of us stand in awe of Cayce, but Edgar himself said that we could all do what he did, if only we knew how.

Are you ready to…

… travel safely to the Other Side and see loved ones who have passed?

…journey backwards to your past lives to understand life patterns and learn the identities of current friends and lovers in other incarnations?

…voyage to the Spirit World, the realm of life between lives, to explore celestial kingdoms, meet your spirit guides and masters and discover your life’s purpose?

During this groundbreaking new program, you will:

  • Hear the cutting-edge research that is changing what we believe about the afterlife
  • Discover what you don’t know about the Near-Death Experience
  • Hear the astonishing new research about near-death journeys to heaven and hell, their after-effects, and what Cayce had to say about it
  • Learn how the experience of “crossing over” is so much more than going down a tunnel to a white light on the other side
  • Understand what really happens on the other side, from the common threads of both near-death experiencers and people regressed into the Spirit world, which gives us a clearer picture—a “map of heaven”—of life in the unseen worlds

Join Gregg as he brings clarity and humor to complex spiritual truths with mind-expanding graphics, evocative music and exciting exercises to help you understand your relationship with the Divine through direct experience. Don’t miss this unique adventure in inner awakening and self-discovery.

Gregg Unterberger, M.Ed., A licensed professional counselor in private practice in Austin is a lifelong student of metaphysics and the Edgar Cayce readings who specializes in catalyzing spiritual experiences in ordinary people. Trained and certified as a past life regression therapist by Dr. Brian Weiss, author of the best–selling Many Lives, Many Masters, Gregg is the developer of Transpersonal Breathwork which uses breath and music to access powerful transcendent realms. Amazingly, in his record-breaking national workshops, participants report seeing fascinating past and future incarnations, joyously connecting with loved ones who have passed over and even ecstatically experiencing the life between lives, what some call Heaven!

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