We Are Not “Only Human” We Are Creator Gods!

Second Coming, Hope Mauran - Truly Alive Magazineby Hope Ives Mauran

 We are in crisis now on Earth, because we have forgotten who we truly are: we are not “only human” we are creator gods.

We have experienced ourselves as separate individuals, in a world where we must compete to survive. The truth however, is something quite different than this. We are part of the Earth we live upon, we are actually part of one life-stream that expresses itself in many bodies, and we are a part of the great whole or ‘All That Is.’

We humans have a specific role on Earth as part of ‘All That Is’, our role is to be a physical home for the creative consciousness or God.  Our bodies are perfectly designed to be vessels for God that through us is able to experience the joys of physical existence while creating heaven on Earth.

As part of this special role we are here to play, it is natural that we have the capability to create with our thoughts, words and actions.  We are in a crisis now on Earth because we have forgotten we are so powerful!  We haven’t realized the creative power of our thoughts, and we are paying dearly right now for this oversight! It is our misunderstanding, of who we truly are, that has created the many crises we are facing, on so many levels of our experience. Luckily there is an opportunity that comes with crisis!  When we are in crisis we seem to have a greater incentive to transform!  We are now faced with a choice, to become a human of a higher order and fulfill our true destiny as conscious creators or continue on creating greater difficulties for ourselves and all of life by our ignorance of the power of our thoughts.

In 1999 I had an experience where the power of my thoughts was illustrated to me. I had just learned to communicate with my Second Coming, Hope Mauran - Truly Alive Magazinespirit guides, when a few months later they taught me how to balance the energy of the Earth while I was in meditation.  I did this energy balancing daily until the Earth was balanced in a specific area in Yugoslavia.  I was then instructed to visit people who lived in that area, not literally by taking an airplane, but by sitting still in meditation.  I “imagined” that I was on the ground where I had been balancing the Earth, and I had an interaction that changed the actual course of events in that place.  I blessed a man, by pouring divine love and celestial light into him, I commanded it, as a God might, while visualizing it.  I felt something shift in him after the blessing; it was as though his heart opened.  He happened to be the leader of a country at war, and he changed noticeably after this event.  His changed behavior was even commented upon in a report in the New York Times!  I share the story in the book Be The Second Coming, A Guidebook To The Embodiment Of The Christ Within, A Personal Journey, Our Collective Destiny, as it was my realization that I was a divine creator God, and that there is much more to this world  than I had ever been taught.

My story may be unique, but the capacity to transcend the physical world, and enter and mold the energetic world that exists within it by our thoughts is not mine alone. We are all creators, and potential vehicles for our higher consciousness to participate in the physical world. Each of us, in our own way is already a vehicle for divine energy to flow into life.  To bring this potential to its next level of demonstration, we need to dust it off, give it our attention, and live as though it is who we truly are.

One of the key differences between someone who knows themselves as God, and someone who’s experience is of being “only human” is that of seeing everything around themselves as ‘all One’. You can get a taste of what this feels like if you remember in school, while studying science, they had illustrations of electrons circling a nucleus with empty space between the electrons.  The empty space is the same in everything, and it is what makes up all physical matter at the tiniest level. So, as you move through your day, and look at the things around you, and focus on that which is the same in everything, it gives you the experience of ‘Seeing All As One’: seeing through the eyes of God. It is a skill that can be cultivated, and it can reach into the very structure of your body and uplift and harmonize you physically and energetically.

As we practice seeing through the eyes of God, embracing our higher divine identity and becoming conscious of our thoughts the gateway to Heaven on Earth is revealed.

Hope Ives Mauran is the author of Be The Second Coming, Guidebook To The Embodiment of The Christ Within, A Personal Journey, Our Collective Destiny, (Balboa Press, 2011)  which is available at www.HopeIvesMauran.com.


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