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by Karen Larré

As you are reading this, the November/December issue of Truly Alive (on the shelves through the holiday season), my heart is full…wishing your holiday season to be magical, wondrous, memorable and filled with love.

The book on the cover of this issue and feature pages, Where the Light Gets In, tells the story of a wife, mother and loved one to many, and the family’s 10-year journey with her through the symptoms and stages of their beloved’s dementia process. It’s told through the eyes of daughter Kimberly Williams-Paisley (married to country artist Brad Paisley) and is truly a candid and heartfelt tale of what it’s like to take this journey with someone close to you. The story includes insights Kim had about how she could best connect with her mother, (and how she learned to do this) even as her mom was slipping further and further away. Kim’s story can serve as deep inspiration to anyone with a loved one diagnosed with some type of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Several advertisers share in this issue – how their services can help lighten the burden of an experience such as this. If you have someone close to you going through a similar scenario in life, I sincerely hope you find inspiration and solace in this issue and I strongly encourage you to read the book.

Changes in pickup locations for Truly Alive. Please note: As a result of rising costs and less than wonderful service, effective as of this November/December 2017 issue, Truly Alive will no longer be available for pickup at any Albertson’s or Smith’s store in central New Mexico. It’s a sad goodbye whose time has come.

Want a chance to win $250.00? If you have any ideas as to a new location (or more than one) that Truly Alive might place a rack or provide a stack of magazines, you could win $250.00! Just call or email me (505) 828-3439 or info@trulyalive.net and if the location(s) make sense for us, I’ll reach out for permission (no smoke shops or other incongruent suggestions, please). See article on page 30 for more information. The $250.00 prize will be awarded on December 16th, in time to enjoy for the holidays.

Buying Gifts This Year? Consider making local purchases from Truly Alive advertisers. There is a wide array of options, from gift certificates for services and treatments (like massage, thermography or astrological readings) to books, jewelry, incense and more. Truly Alive advertisers will appreciate being supported and your gift receivers will enjoy wonderful gifts and services. It’s a win-win!

Happy, Happy!

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