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by Karen Larré

The book featured in this issue, Uncharted, is based on a premise that our soul carries a map of its intended journey in this lifetime. Further, that while the soul will not impose its will on the personality (or the “small self” as the author calls it), the map is accessible to us and we can choose to follow it. Colette Baron-Reid encourages us to find the juice of our lives by sailing into the “Uncharted” (unknown) waters on our maps.

I love Colette’s use of a map in the context of the soul’s journey and am very much aligned with it. In my life paradigm, I have often referred to my “soul plan” and feel strongly that this is a little understood part of life here on earth. My belief is that we have all sat down at a planning table (in spirit, before we entered the body forming in our mothers’ wombs this lifetime) with angels, guides and spirits we agreed to interact with in this incarnation and created the “map” – set some highlights of experience into motion in advance. And with Colette’s book, now I have tools to access my “soul plan” by tapping into its map!

Colette offers 5 realms of co-creation and provides step-by-step instructions on how move through the realms; each building on the one before. She explains how skipping through realms to get to our creations faster is the reason many efforts fail. Uncharted is packed with fun processes to take us into the life we were meant to live. I hope you choose to read it and would love to hear feedback: info@trulyalive.net.

As fall approaches, and summer takes its leave, put your attention on that which pleases you…focus on what’s lovely and wonderful in your life. Appreciate every moment and see the gift it holds for you.

Many blessings,

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